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My name is clay nukem and this is a production of the bear grease podcast called the bear grease render where we render down, dive deeper and look behind the scenes of the actual bear grease podcast. Presented by F HF gear, American made purpose built hunting and fishing gear that's designed to be as rugged as the places we explore. Did Isaac get new boots and what's happening to brin's feet. Wow. Let's start with Isaac. Those are different than the ones before. Look at this. Wow, they've got some kind of metallic kind of looks like mallard metallic. Well, I'll tell you what happened. I was at the Delta waterfowl expo and Little Rock, and I straight surfed across the bathroom floor. There was a layer of moisture that I hope was from a recent mopping. But I doubt and just stop myself by banging my shins right into the urinal. That's either like. Because I had him. I had leather leather sole boots on. Right. So I went for the hybrid. I got some rubber sole. Those are what we'd call rough out boots. Would you have known that miss nukem? No, sir. Okay, so there's two sides to that. There's the smooth finish side and there's the rough out. So those would be rough out nice, nice Isaac. Now, let's talk about branches. I mean, what's happening? You know where your Crocs were? Yeah, no. I was trying to figure out why you own them. I deserve somebody gave them to me. Those are very popular. They say, hey dude. Hey dude, they're hey dudes. I believe they are now owned by Crocs, so technically on brand for Brent Reeves. Hey, there you go. I don't know. They have a funny look with your overalls. They're not a funny look. You were just wearing a pair of rumors. Funny. Let's try to make up. Other people, a little more diplomatic. Okay, all right. I am wearing muddy rubber boots. You're right. Feelings hurt, so easy. Welcome to the burger surrender. This is a fantastic day. Yeah, I'm kind of just looking around at the footwear. Yeah, Brent definitely wins the kind of preppy guy in the overall award. Yeah. With those. And we got to skip over our guests, but he's got a nice solid pair of program type brown boots, misty's wearing her extra tough rubber boots, which is great. Isaac with his rough outs and Gary Newcomb with his sportives. Trail running shoes. Great to see everybody. We have a fantastic podcast aligned. I would like to introduce my father Gary newcombe to my right. How you been? Okay, great. Great. Great, great. Maybe even better than great. I hope you enjoyed this whole call your podcast and have some insight for us. Well, I didn't know. It was just no, I'm kidding y'all liked it a lot. You're right. Isaac Neil. Yes, sir. Assistant to the regional producer at the bear grease podcast. Glad you got to see me today. Good to see you, man. Isaac's Isaac tells me today that he's got an appointment for a new tattoo. You want to share with us what that tattoo is? Maybe give me a little bit of credit for it. Yeah, by all means, misty's gonna love this too, 'cause I had this idea. I think there is some level of planning on this one. I had the idea yesterday morning. During church and then I texted the tattoo artist, but I thought, I don't know what about church inspired it, but it popped into my head, you know? I want to get a possum in a raccoon. So I think I'm gonna get a big possum in Iraq and on the backs of my legs.

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