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I like God, is that bad? Is an alpha male. You have to have a transgender now. Doing the news. I'm confused. I like an alpha male left their homes. To me with that dude got drawn away Young Gaudio's told doing the news like that. But when you talk like that they did, and he s he does And when he comes out, and it's really like he's like, let's just like a general. So it's like so so you got. He's got to say just a glance at the camera. Just a glance at the camera, you know, just saying, Like I got it. I know what you're talking about. You know that? Would that would that hard drive news delivery and he looks at you, and it's like, boom. Just tell us that you know that you're you're lying the lying doors. Not that Lister also lying, but they just really make everything negative. Negative about the president about President Trump. And now they're just soft soaping everything about Joe Biden. It's ridiculous if you think it was other doing that. And then they go. Okay. Now we're gonna acknowledge the 400,000 deaths of the Corona virus. First of all, First of all, can somebody because we don't have the news capability here at our radio station, investigate how many of those deaths are really coronavirus? Death and I've lost friends and I they go Corona virus, and then I look well, what does and they all have underlying conditions. They all died from something else. But they put down covert 19, you know? And now why can't someone investigated? Why can't they investigated and find out? Why? What was the real cause of death? Because you're saying 400,000, And why don't we get a handle on it? There's a vaccine and so I could go to the doctor yesterday. I'm fired up this morning, So I'm not gonna let you get down. We got this. We are on word of forward. We got this. I'm gonna laugh. We're gonna have fun. It's gonna be ridiculous. And And who do we got to fight for us in Congress? Okay, There's really not many people that are gonna fight for it. So you got all these good things, new gals. Even if I like Nicole O'Malley attack is and you got Lee Sheldon. And you really are some great Americans in Congress, but really not that much. But I go to the doctor and the doctor goes, he goes. Okay. So I go. You know, I just go because I can't go because I'm a hypochondriac. If you can get if you could check it, Check it. I'm one of those guys because I'm getting older and you could check it and thank God everything's okay. So I go to the cardiologists. Great guy. And then first of all, the nurse that takes me and then they do that echocardiogram. She I'm telling you everything that you and I talk about in the morning. She knew exactly. She was Ji Zhou what I want because she goes how I want to have to get up to study for your show you go. It's all that you gotta study all day. You look at that one. Did you get a look at online? You gotta call your producer you got to say is this real is not real. You gotta watch the network news yell at the TV. It's just like it really is like a toy. At least 18 hour process, too. Before you go on, and you got to keep working on it working on and she knew everything about everything that you and I talk about about how What about Biden about what's going on about China? About the virus? How it got here? Just everything you wanna There's so many millions of us who understand how this they're the wound path that Washington is taking, you know, starting with Nancy Pelosi, and now it's gonna go right to the White House. They understand She understood that this that Joe Biden is a Manchurian candidate for China. We joke about. They got their guy. They got their guy in the White House. It's in the Oval Office. It's in the Oval Office. What's what's gonna happen? Oh, you don't know. Come on. Jesus cannot hope SNL it respectfully submitted. I hope they stay on that tone. That comedy of that of the Joe Biden presidency and sad But true comedy of Joe Biden's presidency is that China own is in the White House, and they've got to play that and they've got to play Do the president G. You know Boing Yang, who does hate the great town on us, and now he should play. I'm telling you got to go there because it's just right in our face like that, So we'll stay. We're going to stay positive, but But then I didn't go and then I start talking and you start talking things like we talked about, you know, And I happened. Yeah, this virus. I go like this when I'm in a medical officer Very interesting this virus and I don't want to say, you know, they made it up and they had their attacking us with the virus. Don't say it like that. Because then I sound like a nut job. You know, Although I kind of believe that, So I kind of put it out there. This virus, they go. Yeah, I think it was designed. I hear that inside. You know, Medical doctors office. I said, I'm sorry. Yeah, they knew exactly what they were doing with this. This weird war the last year we're at war with China with Communist China. We really are and and now they got and then that was you could see what was happening. They spewed that. I think whether it's accidental or not Gordon Chang her, but he says It's akin to murder where President she did with the virus. Now it's out and about and all we do is morn, and we should, and I lost one of my best friends this week, and he had underlying issues. But I loved. I still can't believe he passed away. And with the covert have got him or what is underlying issues got him? I don't know what they're gonna probably put covert down. I don't blame anybody. I don't blame Governor Murphy. I don't blame Governor Cuomo. I don't play President Trump. I blame the people in Beijing. Who knew exactly this was gonna happen. That and and what this frustrating is that That the Democrats and now Joe Biden, who was the Manchurian candidate for Beijing, they they're going right along with it. And it was part of the plan. In my opinion, the part of the plan that China came up with this. They couldn't take out President Trump. They couldn't figure out a way to do it. He kept fighting. He got the virus. You don't think they were dancing in Beijing when President Trump got the virus. That's why I like the people said Well, he should've put the mask on. Well, we should have cowered down a little bit well should have done this. No, I liked it when he walked out of Walter Reed, and he got on the chopper, and he landed and saluted the chopper. That's the kind of president I like If I'm wrong, I'm sorry, but that's what I like that he meant up the stairs. He just he could be there to put given Texan methadone. That means that the virus had attacked the president's lungs. In my opinion from my observation, Yet he still walked all the way up Those stairs at the White House is saluting Marine one to show China. Look, You're not going to get us down and people just now is the way the mask is You coward down. No, we should not cower down. We shouldn't do. We shouldn't be quiet and cowered down and and be soft. We have to be onward and like Tommy said, I'm moving upward. Like my father said Onward and forward. We got this. We're gonna get there. Please don't cower down. Don't cower down. We're going to keep fighting And we're gonna You know what? We're gonna have Some laughs along the way. Absolutely. Nan Hayworth is going to join us. Great guy, the former Republican representative from New York and Ah, Doctor. Oh, good Another doctor. I could have some questions to Kristin Tate is fabulous. She's fabulous. Columnist, Political commentator, author of the Liberal Invasion of Red State America. Hello, Kristin Tate. Griff Jenkins. I love Grizz. I watch Griff. He's happy. He's nice. He's objective is a great reporter. He's kind enough to join us corresponded for Fox News Griffins with this, Joe Degenova. Forget about it. You want to hear you wanna hear what's happening down in Washington where we're going? What we gotta watch out for. Mr De General will break it down brilliantly. Michael Goodwin, Look at this. Look at this show Joey. Civilian puts together for you because we love you, Chief political columnist for the New York Post. Michael Goodwin will join us. So we got to show for you and 87797 29 99 fear not by the way..

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