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I think everyone knows there's a lot of fighting this team of some of. The comeback victories, that we've had Maybe a little fear and said that the opponent knowing that no is safe and that's that's a great thing Villepin has, been so, dominant so dominant that We feel real good with the leading I think. The opposing team probably feels. A little scared You're not going into this Scotty on NBC sports California the seven walk off hits all seven have come in extra innings nineteen games. Over five hundred again a game and a half up on Seattle for the second AL wildcard and for the moment trail the Yankees by four and a half for. That number one wildcard spot, having all kinds of trouble, with the Red Sox at. Fenway park, in this four game series they dropped the first two and now they are trailing it three nothing Boston leading it in the bottom of. The fifth inning home runs in that game for JD Martinez and Mitch Moreland, couple of finals the reds beat the national seven to one cubs get by the Padres five four at, Wrigley home. Runs for Anthony Rizzo in Kyle Schwarzer giants host the Diamondbacks coming up at five ten today they have split the first two games of that four game series still no word at last check on. The condition of BUSTER Posey who is right now being Monitored for concussion like symptoms after taking a foul tip last night sports a. Fifteen to forty five when. All these one six nine, AM seven forty key CBS. At Walgreens, we believe everyone counts and that includes your everyday choices today when you buy participating products at Walgreens you.

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