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Some good music with good things. Alirio out Dan so I like to Dan. I'll just I'll have a good time. A exercise ostrich Abu that are active or out. Albie creative and I'll out either in. It's it's an art and craft of. Is it really depends like last time? I was I smoked I created a busy aboard which really fun but we're talking about depression and Marijuana went to give a key facts about it so minimal evidence for revealing straight short-term or in frequent use of marijuana the are that minimal evidence for revealing stress anxiety relieving. It's easy limited emits evidence for positive and negative effects on depression and can cause anxiety or paranoia. Any run amount accused your CV sometimes level THC anti media or label on different trains. But there isn't a lot over I'd always don't WanNa go to when I was talking about the TEPA Indika so like everybody has mixed reviews as far as might have feel when you smoke. Yes some people is full or not. You know that's what everything. Yeah people is Nigh so when we talk about legally legalizing it. I think that's more helpful for the people that do want people thinking that everybody's GonNa run around kids just around people that actually work so I and I also know it helps when I was battling with like eating disorders. It helps balanced that like if I was starving though it will force me to eat his dog or if I was if I was over eating. It'll make me realize like what my body needs. So I wouldn't even get the munchies like Gives that balance. But you'll end up with interesting as far as you said over eating because you know you had a issue with will overeating. A does also recognize is a is is also recognized as a potential treatment for nausea and vomiting related to chemotherapy. is also a medical marijuana may release of IT Ninety Eric. Marijuana can't be used as a tool for a mets fan so wasn't different between the regular. We.

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