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And if you wanna call and leave us a voicemail try to keep it to three minutes if you can otherwise you'll be asked to leave a second voicemail, but you can do that at one eight three three as TD w why t k it's like, we're doing an incantation of some come. We do that. I like it. And if none of that quite backtra badgers, you can reach us directly via an old fashioned Email. We are conspiracy at how stuff works dot com. Few moments in early American history are as well known and yet equally misunderstood as the Salem which trials more than three hundred years after they ended the tragic events of sixteen ninety two still fresh in relevance. And rightly so because the story of Salem is about much more than just a community caught up in the grip of mass hysteria. It's a story about us. I'm Aaron mckie creator and host of unexcused a podcast series. That explores some of the darkest most misunderstood moments in history season, one was a deep dive into the Salem witch trials and includes historian interviews intensive research and powerful storytelling, and you can bend the entire twelve episodes season right now subscribed to unexcused in your apple podcast, or I heart radio app or wherever you listen to podcasts and begin your journey into the past. Learn more over at history on obscured. Dot com..

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