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Any classes had to stop. They had to stop teaching. The class had to stop because they couldn't do anything. They could not log in look at assignments. Even look at the curriculum. I guess and people were trying to do term papers. Here's a hint for you. Stop that just use note pad for all. I care anything you rely on this. You're GONNA get burned and this is just once it's going to be. It's going to happen more and more and more which brings us to a note from Mike Producer Mike which is similar situation which is another thing that we warn against cash emergency and most of BC happened. You know there's a huge flood going on a five dollar. Canada fiber optic line has been severed due to a washout of the rail line near Spas them places. We have people there. We have spas mors might be global warming or it could be winter weather in Canada. How about Russia or Russia Putin Putin beiber optic line parallels rail lines and most of Canada pandemonium ensues as people have no money and no access to cash happily and no agenda producers always prepared. Thanks Boise I love hearing that. I love that that's right. You'RE AT&T ATM'S WORK. That's right you got no cash becomes a little difficult certain point. You're going to be hungry Amazon. Engineers style work. This story came a desperate to talk to to talk about this one. Although it's only part of the story about the Ring Doorbell Engineer coin from wing to be shut down immediately. He says citing privacy concerns. The engineer published a post on medium saying quote the privacy issues are not fixable with regulation and there is no balance that can be struck. Ring should be shut down immediately now. By the way I found this report interesting. Is Why pulled this one from the original money honey? Maria Barreda Romo. This is on Fox business news. This was not a post on medium. It was a comment in on a whole different post. It was a very short. You know like one paragraph saying exactly what she recited but she kind of makes it out to sound like it's it should be because it is a big deal but it was interesting that she pulled this out. I don't know if that was a stock manipulation thing or kind of you know hyping it up a little bit for the market who loves to hear news about Amazon but factually. It was not a post on Amazon on medium. It was a an anonymous comments not brought back. This is of course the company that you could. Somebody rings your doorbell and you can deal with it from your phone but it has opened the can of Worms on privacy. Where is this video going? Are they giving the ring video? Co. shows up your door to local police and others. I mean this. There's a few privacy issues here and there's a lot of complicated issues here. I mean one of the issues. Of course we've seen people taking hackers getting access to people's accounts and part of that is the person themselves has to be responsible. Use Difficult Password. Don't make it easy to guess. But you're right. We have to know what are the what do they have deals with law enforcement. What are they going to do? If if law enforcement requests that and we've we've seen those issues already with phones so there's some precedent for what they might do if somebody shows up your door and that person is questionable from the local polices standpoint. And how does that implicate you it just it just opens the door to all these questions about who shows up at your doorstep Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah. Shut up what is more egregious about the ring doorbell system as reported and of course this was this didn't get any traction. Because of impeachment and Orangemen bad everything The Electronic Frontier Foundation who got a lot of money from Google to stay alive. But I do like what they do in general They didn't investigation of the APP. That comes with the Ring Doorbell. Which you manage your entire system and guess what? It's packed with on reading from the report. Packed with third party tracker sending out a plethora of customers personally identifiable information four main analytics and marketing companies were discovered to be receiving information such as names private. Ip Addresses Mobile Network carriers persistent identifier sensor data on the devices. And by the way you're paying customer and they're still selling your ass to other third party marketers and as the F. F. correctly points out the danger in sending even small bits of information is that analytics and tracking companies are able to combine these bits together to form a unique picture of the user's device and their life. Turn that stuff off and it's despicable that Amazon. You pay for this. It's just like skype. If I look at skype right now I pay for skype. I got an ad at the bottom of skype now and I pay I pay for the service in the problem is there's so many a lot of these applications like you're listening to the Amazon show and tell the The Alexa show and tell we're can identify the product. These are very these fantastic developments. I I wish I could use them. I love having the ability to use voice to have things turn on and off and its handy for many things but because of the business model you've rendered it useless for people have a brain. It's too bad because a lot of this stuff is really cool technology and I like it but no you cannot use it because this and this is I mean if people actually knew this that what Amazon is doing they. They probably think twice. And you're putting these things in your kid's bedroom anyway live the Otiji lifestyle everybody give your kid a megaphone megaphone or something if he needs some. Doan G. O. T. G. it's very OJI Otiji. Exactly that's all I got for that for the segment for now. Okay main things just need to get those out. Otherwise they pass by and no talks about it and then. Oh yeah no actually. I do have an une housed clip very proud of what's going on in Austin. You'll recall that the governor of Texas Abbott got into into a a twitter war. A tweet up with the mayor of Austin was his name again. Anyway the Adler about the you know the the house. 'cause I'm not going to say they're poor homeless people there griffin as many of them that aggressive window Washer squeegee dudes. It's not just people who don't have a house or a home in fact Abbott repurpose a lot. Not far from we are in Southeast Austin. I have not. I'm going to go again and try and find that it couldn't find it the first time which would be for the house to go and that something magical has happened. They've started to build a little community. This once mostly Empty Lot in East Austin has become home to more than one hundred people without another place to go. We're give everybody a chance. We don't do that. You have cats once referred to as camp at it. Because the governor opened the state on land to the homeless Population People. Here are now calling it something else cam. Frat responsible adult tradition town or the homeless run by the like every town. Camp rat now has its own list of leaders while we have the nation and volunteer recruiters. We have a maintenance engine Labor recruiters. We have the web designer. We have the web the media outreach. We have security. And then we have a charter size donation organization Cory Roberts. The secretary schedules town meetings each week. The seven person committee nominated by those at the camp has held two of those so far. It's important because we actually have voice. We actually have a hand that we are actually putting forth to actually make our lives a little bit better. Changing the perception of the homeless community is important to those living at the camp because we wanted to show people that were not just criminals drug addicts slobs off the street that we actually just anybody else's comedic without house right now. The committee is focused on finding food donations. So they don't always have to rely on provided maris providing hot showers instead of the makeshift stalls and water hose. They're currently using organizing events to help out others in the Greater Austin community and maybe most importantly giving newcomers a point of contact so they don't feel alone w lead Martha laws leave you alone for being under a bridge. Come out here it's safe. There's not really anywhere out here. We're all big family count. I really liked this development and I'm going to go over that I'm going to bring food. This is this shows that the can work when you allow people to build be a part of a community and build a community give them some basic blocks to do that which is literally all they got and saw. There are some protection. I think they do have Police you know making sure that things will get out of hand but they're creating their own community and I think this is great and Avella get started in Brazil. I'm not saying we won't have that but at least it's a community and they're trying to do something else other than you know. We got the two tens of millions of dollars being spent on bullcrap. The does nothing. Give the tens of millions of dollars in direct payments to these guys that would probably help possibly but That is not everybody in that group. Five thousand bucks each table. That's how it works should reparations. E said reparations for being homeless sorry affiliates. If you're waiting we're way over but time flies when you're having fun and talking about Harvey's privates coming up next on NO AGENDA STREAM DOT com random thoughts about the bezos hack. Stay tuned for that no agenda stream dot com and I have A lot of Kung Fu mixes end of show We need to thank Ned Jeffrey. Johnny Benson and Dustin Jones and we return on Thursday with another thrilling edition of the no agenda. Show the best podcast in universe until then everybody remembers at divorce dot org slash enemy in the morning. I am curried and from northern Silicon Valley where there seems to be a windstorm.

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