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It's mikasa and ken barclay on you better. You bet well twenty minutes from now. Power our final hour of the show. All our beds for tonight major league baseball day. Three of lock miss cans college football bets and bets to close the show. Nick can and tyler morales for the ryder cup but right now we close out our number three of the show. Br bringing on one of our favorite guests comes on you better. You bet talk in college. Football is incredibly talented. That we want everyone to follow him on twitter. If you're not already at espn written berg. He's adam written berg senior college football writer and reporter for espn adam. What's going on man. Welcome back to you better. You bet. Nick and ken bet q. L. on that's wonderful wednesday as the college football season treated you. thus far he's been good they can can. It's been more unpredictable. Which is great for us. I don't know if that's good or bad for the audience. But this is definitely a season. It's shaping up possibly the has different teams in the playoffs and some more unpredictable outcomes. While i'm happy to hear you say that adam. Because that's that's kind of where i wanted to start. Maybe not so much with teams to make the playoffs. Where i i totally agree with you. Like the pac twelve might be live. Cincinnati might be live with. Maybe we'll get into some of those topics but if we're just talking about to win the title and we had you on a lot in the preseason and the idea was like there are so few teams that can actually win. I think he even said there was like six teams a winner. Five could win like realistically at i. I kind of feel like maybe. It's actually less than that even a few weeks into the season. So alabama and georgia have by far the shortest odds to win the national title. They're both about two to one in our show sponsored by rivers. I kinda think it might just be the two of them and everyone else. Do you see the in terms of just to win the title. Do you see at the same way or do you think it's more wide open than that. I certainly understand though going with those two versus the field You know. I still wanna see georgia continued to evolve offensively but their defense is certainly the best in the country if not in the top two or three and And they can win games. They saw it against clemson. They could win games pretty much on their own. You know. I think the alabama florida game show that certain teams can give alabama problems but alabama's probably gonna come out of it with victory Very serious the how they'll do against ole miss week when ole miss comes in with that dynamic offense and that corral can move around and if so many big place rats on that oldness offense which gave alabama trouble last year in in oxford but yeah i mean who's ultimately going.

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