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Tape and now they're getting back at them and that's part of the issue. I mean what people need to understand what they should have learned as children but evidently didn't is that you never put anything in writing that you don't want the whole world to read you never any photographs that you don't want the whole world senior. You never record any videos that you don't want the whole world to see because any of that could be found by anyone. You may think you trust your boyfriend with your life. You shouldn't and it might not get uploaded by your by your ex boyfriend. But i guarantee your grandkids are going to be digging it out of your just your your drunk eighty years from now when you're grandma and they're gonna be like what's this money. Or if you're like that. Senator a politician or whoever kellyanne conway of evidently her daughter is her sixteen year. Old daughter ended up published on you on twitter rick and it was supposedly kellyanne conway who had done it. Somebody's net just general advice. Don't write anything down to take any photographs. Don't recording videos that you don't want the entire world to go out in the woods and live off grid that's the only way. Yeah or just you know. Don't kasit to the photo or the video in the first place. More coming up. There is a story about prison comparing the us. Prison system to communist china nazi germany and soviet russia. And we're going to get into that. Six zero three two eight three six one six zero. This is free talk live. When a lunar observatory detects a radio broadcast originating from proximus and tori the nations of earth discover their first contact with an alien race may also be their last with the proximus facing an extinction level. Disaster earth must choose between sending ship on a multi year journey or allowing nature to take its course saving proxima a hard science fiction thriller by tram. Assess taylor and less johnson from bain books dot com..

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