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Dot com for details KMOX news time is five forty two time now for a whole nother story with Kevin Kalinin today Kevin speaks with a local pastor who says his church went through this sort of thing once before inside the echo the sanctuary of the third Baptist church in the fox theater district the pews are empty as they will be on Easter Sunday pastor Tommy Simon says this church has been through this sort of thing before well we were constituted in eighteen fifty four and in the summer of nineteen eighteen the church went through the pandemic and the influence the Spanish flu admittedly the Spanish flu in nineteen eighteen and pastor and the congregation at that time sent out worship guides and bulletins to worship at home and it was about I think from what we could tell from Marvel records about four five Sundays that they'd they did not worship and had to worship from home and when you speak before the empty pews on Sunday watch the cliff notes of your message well the cliff notes of my message is we're going to try to involve the congregation we're going to have a greeting for everybody everybody is going to say on Sumer how they're watching they're going to this text by phone and send Easter greetings and say he is risen or whatever they would like to say and the focus of my message ironically is going to be on laughter that laughter sometimes is a response to something that is unbelievable something that you really can't comprehend such as resurrection and dead items are things coming back to life in and walk in our beliefs in Easter we believe that because of Jesus that the dead will be resurrected which is quite and I'm amazing story and sometimes really the only response from that no matter your level level of education is laughter pastor Thomas Simons at third Baptist church in the fox theater district the Easter tulips are up in front of the podium world he'll be speaking to an empty sanctuary with a whole nother story I'm Cathy I see now J. mol exports from the Newbold BMW Toyota sports desk or twenty eleven rewind.

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