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Is equal and every single one plays an important role and that's how great wonderful but like this is the National Hockey League. This is the postseason and you were not very good at round one and now you have to figure out a way to do it so you do have to maximize within your lineup and play the matchup game and figure out how to best use the assets you have because as a whole of front it's not as good as Carolina. Well, I mean you look at Carolina right now I assume they will stick with max domi on the second line with trochek and terabyte and just because of the game 7 performance you had, so at least out of the gate I assume that arrangement will take place again. If that's happening you've got Marty natures and the asparagus and yami on the fourth line basically. And for nature's, I think this is going to be a big series for him because if he's going to get some of those minutes against New York's fourth line, theoretically there's going to be such a massive talent and speed advantage there. And if he can turn some of those opportunities into chances and goals, that would go a huge long way towards tilting the scale here for the hurricanes because the rangers are quite frankly don't have a player of that talent level that's playing in that role. And you could argue that he probably shouldn't be on the floor of line, but at the same time as hurricane scene does have so much depth and they like to spread out the lineup. So he is there for now and when he's when he's cooking, I understand he's a flawed player still at times and he makes mistakes, but he's so talented and he's at his most confident level. He's flying through the neutral zone. He's weaving in and out of traffic. He's making stuff happen for others. And so if we see that, they could play this can be a huge advantage for the hurricanes in the series. Yeah, if you can compare his skating alone to Ryan Reeves, I mean, talk about a difference. I think Nietzsche is a really good player and the rangers with Tyler model their fourth line have a good speedy presence. I know like I keep bringing him up, but he was a really good ad for them because their fourth line they went for physical play. They went for tough to play against. And that's everything this team wants to embrace. But at the end of the day, you still need players who are tough to play against at the top of your lineup. And you have to figure out how truly to define it in this day and age is tough to play against that you're going to get crushed along the boards. Sure. That works in his great and wonderful and heavy hockey with the playoffs. But if you're losing the puck battles and you don't have the foot speed to catch up, you just put your team at a disadvantage. Being tough to play against can be those aggressive board checkers that are hard to get the puck away. And that is literally the hurricane's identity right there. So you have four lines. You can play that style. Versus the rangers who don't have as many lines of play as Andrew cop can play that way. And Mika's manager and Chris crater sure they can do it, but Frank patron is not. And that fourth line just doesn't have the skill..

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