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It's a two year deal by the way the Buccaneers schedule to play the patriots in New England in the twenty twenty one season that could be interesting that will be very interesting yes okay so one of the ways China heavily tracked coronavirus cases was through technology remember they had cameras everywhere they have face recognition they have tracking data the Wall Street journal reporter Bob McMillan has been looking into what types of companies the government may try to collaborate with as they try to track the virus here these would be that the telco companies Facebook and Google and we don't know exactly how far the government is asking these companies go and how far they they are going in providing information about the spread of disease so Facebook and Google are the big ones but mobile apps may be eager to work with the government as well we do have privacy laws here but as McMillan says the government knowing your location does have some precedent there are a sort of emergency powers being invoked and and what the the implications that will be and I think the most likely place for those you know emergency powers to to be invoked as is with respect to location data because we we we we there's sort of a precedent for that happening in in the in criminal investigations where they have an emergency situation and they need location data so the legal people we've spoken with say that that would not be sort of a not unreasonable ask of the government the government's trying to find out what we're trying to find out so they can track hot spots but the government's not the only one that knows where we are I mean I walk out of a particular store and then there's some ad that pops up on my phone says how you like it there okay and it could be that government will try to get some of those companies to share that information rhyme so one way that you find yourself in these databases that has nothing to do with the government tracking you is my what you share on social media and people make statements on social media and to provide information during a time of crisis that they may not actually want to be in the public for ever in these public data sets of these aggregators are are grabbing so anything you share on any of your platforms can be scooped event is scooped up I aggregators and disappears into a black hole they would they will it will never come out of that's been going on for quite some time yeah right it has definitely but it used to be I mean like even five years ago you know the data would be scooped up a but it couldn't be connected to any other data but now how do you know who's getting what men thirst everybody sharing right everyone sharing data or some more likely selling data still has as we have said on this show many times data is the new oil right that is the value of an animation we've noted that we're all giving it away for free exactly so be careful what you share on social media if you if you don't care about where it ends up fine rightly noted okay let's check in with Brian noble's how are things looking.

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