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I'm Taryn Winter. Brill. We're here with Bill Hamburg. He is the author of Employees. 5.0 Secrets of a successful job search in the New World Order. Well, it's wonderful to have you with us. Thank you. Cheering is so much fun to be here. All right. Well, the first thing that grabs me are the numbers involved 5.0. What does that mean? Exactly? How'd you come up with it? And was there an employee 1.2 points, three points and so on. Well, you know, there's always been that employees one point out and two and three. I just figured I needed to get up into into the front of the pack. And the problem for most employees is they treat their careers just like jellyfish floating in the currents of their current company, and whatever happens, happens, and usually what ends up happening at some point is they get laid off? So employees. 5.0 is a person who takes charge of their career. They're not floating there out there. What's the next step? I need to do? Well, I need to be doing to be successful here. And how do I get to the next step? And so that said, using your metaphor of the jellyfish. I'm curious about the impetus of the book where you just surrounded and you know, drowning and all these jellyfish and you said, I gotta help these guys and gals. You know, it's funny terror. What I've found over the years is these people are just they're floating and so they don't have direction. And when they come to see me to find a job, what I'm able to do is to help them determine their direction and then takes a solid steps forward. I guess from your perspective you said to yourself, all right? I want to help them and I know you wrote you have another book prior to this, So talk a little bit too. They are They continue waiting books or we're kind of you know, what was the genesis of this specifically is the compares to your first book. So my first book was written. It actually started as a number of blog's in 2009. So during that big recession, and I knew that people just just because I've worked with him so long, I knew that they didn't know how to go about finding a job. So I wrote Recruiter Guy's guide to finding a job which was a lot smaller, but I just want to get it out and get people. Engaged in finding a job. Employees. Five point no secrets of a successful job search in New World order, I wrote and put a lot more detail into it and then wrote it from the perspective. Hey, stop being a jellyfish Take charge of your career. And tell us a little bit more about this new world order before I read it. I thought I had an inkling into what you meant. But in your own words, how would you describe it? Well, it is a new world order, you know. Human resource is Employees, artificial intelligence or you see, it is a I everywhere nowadays. To screen candidates out. And the problem is, there are top talent in their applicant tracking system. But since that top talent in the resumes, they're not using the exact same words. As a poorly written job description used, they never get chosen. Right, right? Yeah. And you talk about you said that talent attraction mirrors What you call the sales process perfectly. So talk about sort of that overlap. Well, it zapresic matches. You go down through it, so the first step is to identify on the sales process identifying need on the recruiting or job search process. It's this is our need, you know, either the job or a new person. And you go down through it Step by step. And you'll find that 0 to 60. I'm Brian of such Flooded streets and fast moving water can bring any city to a standstill. But some motorists ignore the calls for caution and drive through the floodwaters anyway. Chevrolets James Bell says the best idea is to turn around. If you see a barricade, it's there for a reason. Don't drive around it. It's hard to tell how deep the water flooded street really is. The average vehicle could have swept away in his little 12 inches of water, and that includes pickups and SUV's. Over half of all flooded related drownings happen when a vehicle is driven into hazardous floodwater. These types of deaths are preventable. Drivers need to know that flooded roads can collapse underneath them, or they could be swept away by strong current after exiting a vehicle. If that happens, I was traveling downstream contract or even crush you. And what if you must drive driving through flooded areas is a bad idea. But if you have no choice, estimate the depth of the water based on the car's driving ahead of you and go to slow and steady pace. For more information, go to Chevrolet dot com that 0 to 60 from Chevrolet. I'm Brian..

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