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To kathi sells a fraction of the motorcycles around the world that's zouqi does and so there are a much smaller motorcycle company yet when they were given the opportunity to have three satellite teams and eight bikes on the grid. They jumped at the idea. But when suzuki had the opportunity to get one satellite team they went in the other direction. So i guess said not right or wrong. That's just what each one's priority is. And so i think that has a lot to do with suzuki being hesitant right now. Going forward. I think once they have a real replacement for wd brivio somebody from the european motor gp circle then. I think that there's going to be a much better chance that they finally bite the bullet and get a satellite team. Going forward moving on job rage made the argument that even though the popular opinion is the franco. Morbidelli is a shoo-in at factory yamaha for next year he's personally not one hundred percent convinced and huge numbers to back it up. And you know. I'm going to talk about it if he's a numbers. Because you guys know how much i love numbers but pointed out that while it might be impressive. How morbidelli finished second in the championship last year. But that was an unusual season. And i do agree with that. It doesn't necessarily mean he's following in the footsteps of abiocor toronto and as evidence of that judge sites that in two thousand nineteen when franco and fabio were on the most similar equipment that they've written the coiro finished fifth in the championship. That was fabio's rookie season while morbidelli was tenth and both of them were in their first year at yamaha at that point as well then last year frankie had the big surge finished second on a two thousand nineteen spec bike when everybody else at yamaha was struggling on the much more problematic twenty twenty spec and then you fast forward to this year where and franco are seemingly going in different directions. I mean morbidelli has struggled over the last four races. Coming away with zero points all the way up to the break or to asan where. He sat out before the break. And because of that you know judd said i was reading all these articles and hearing people talk about how it was maybe a slight to franken morbidelli lead that yamaha was approaching writers like row fernandez or miguel olivera which we know they talked to both or even somebody like pedroia kosta but that's not something that should be taken as a slight to franken morbidelli because he's allowed some question marks to be raised he hasn't really presented himself as heir-apparent moving forward and on that last point i'll totally agree i mean yamaha has to talk to any writer that they think they have a shot at getting. That's going to move the needle for them and while franken morbidelli and his team may not be terribly happy about that. They certainly have to understand that. If i'm yamaha picking up the phone. And i'm making sure that miguel olivera raul fernandez are not interested in moving over and that pedro pedroia cost isn't may be willing to make john or miss jumped. Totally shouldn't be making by the way. I'm or maybe even talking to somebody like jonathan bray. I mean the guy does have six titles. We talked about the reasons earlier. Why it's probably not the best idea for him to make the switch right now. But if you're yamaha you probably want to hear from him as much as he wants to hear from you. Knowing that there's an opportunity out there. Yamaha definitely wants to cast his wife annette as possible especially since they seem to be struggling to find guys who are interested in riding the bike but with that being said is franken morbidelli mirage. I don't think so. Franko has had some bad races this year. But the season-opener in qatar remember that was an issue with his rear whole shot device. Basically the poll rear shock failed on him then. There was the drastic in clearly noticeable drop-off in performance after his injury. The week lme. That was compounded by tweaking. Further in his flag the flag practice swap at that particular race and it is clear how much that injury affected him heading towards the break and in the pair of races inbetween that the buckling qatar. And all of the stuff that happened after the injury he did. Look like the frankie. That's worthy of moving up to the factory squad now. The problem is just didn't see a whole lot of that. Franken morbidelli because of those circumstances before and after and i think that's part of the reason. Why jeb rages wondering which franko is the real one. The one that we saw last year or the one that we saw the before that and we've seen so far this year and you know maybe yamaha's wondering the same thing and like i said last week. The biggest danger for franken morbidelli isn't yamaha just deciding that he's worthless and casting aside the biggest danger. Here is the fact that he's not on track to distract yamaha from those other writers who are outpacing expectations. This year like raul fernandez if broncos on the bike and he's not injured in. He's finishing on the podium. I mean yeah. Yamaha's calling raoul. But they're calling him not to maybe go up to the factory team the for the petronas ride but frankie's not out there to make yamaha forget about other writers as a potential person to fill the factory seat so ultimately i think the franco is far faster than his results. This year have shown. I think he's still the top candidate based on a couple of factors his performance potential while healthy his composure. Both on and off the bike in the fact that he's done so well on older bikes. And we've seen what fabio has been able to do on the latest stuff. I think franco being so promising on the two thousand nineteen spec leaves definitely some upward potential there. If he is the writer that gets moved up to the factory squad alongside coiro. I'm john also wondered. If yamaha should settle for someone who's likely going to play second fiddle to bobbio and again he's talking about franken morbidelli here but i don't think that's necessarily going to be a decider because if in this is a big f- if fabio quarrel performs to plan and becomes this perennial challenger for the title and to marc marquez. While than pretty much any of yamaha's choices that they have at their disposal right now are gonna play second to him next year. And if fabio struggles. Well then frankie certainly has the potential to pick up the slack at least as good as a majority of the riders whose names have kicked around in relation to that factory seat in there having been very many names that have been thrown out there so in the end. Whoever it is that they pick. I think that the upside of the best writer yamaha can find is gonna way heavier on their decision than the potential downside of a guy. Like frankie if that makes sense to anybody but me moving on soggy. Wombat found something online. That i thought would have never been created. It's a punk. Song about valentino rossi. And it's not really bad either mean. The band definitely knows at least a little bit about motor. Gp or the guy who wrote it and it has all of the hallmarks of a classic ramones style punk song..

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