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Commemorating the seventy fifth anniversary of d day in Washington state rescue operations are underway on mount rainier rescue teams know where the climbers are but they can't reach them because of poor weather. There has been no contact with the climbers since Tuesday night, there from Oregon, New York, New jersey. They're on what's called the liberty route, Kevin Bacher is with mount rainier, national park. This is a route that is more challenging than most and that has higher risk than most emergency supplies. Have been dropped to the climbers fifteen. Nine hundred feet below where they are in hopes that they can get to those supplies. Alex stone, ABC news. The Dow's up seventy six points. You're listening to ABC news. Stay connected. Stay informed. Komo midday. Good morning. Once again, that's eleven oh. To fifty five and partly sunny downtown. I'm Tom over the top stories from the KOMO twenty four seven news center, the store you just heard on ABC. Maybe today is a day that group of climbers stranded on mount rainier. We'll be rescued as komo's Brian Calvert tells us clinging to the side of that cliff since Monday. It's definitely one of the most difficult climbs on the mountain, it's also one of the most inaccessible places. We have a lot of wilderness out here, and this is this is right in the heart of rainier national parks. Kevin Bacher says they've been trying since Monday to plus four stranded climbers off liberty ridge. One of them managed to call nine one one after losing their tents and much of their gear. The weather has been so bad on the upper mountain that we haven't even been able to get in there to see what their condition is snows in the forecast. Passed. So another rescue attempt will be made today. We know that these guys are resourceful. These are these are smart guys. They are experienced climbers and there is there is certainly there is certainly room for optimism. Brian Calvert, KOMO news, shooting and home invasion in Pierce county, south. Here's fire rescue confirming that they treated one victim at fifty three zero four three forty third street east, and eaten Bill, it was a middle aged man, who was shot in the leg. He was taking the hospital with a non life threatening injury. We did your back from Pierce county sheriff's office, as well. They say the suspects were wearing masks,.

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