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They also add. I, uh Tyrell Terry. I thought they got to quality players without having a top 10 pick. Did you like with Dallas did Yeah, they got three Pac 12 players, which is you know where I'm from 12 countries, so that that was kind of nice way like green. We talked about him. Terry's I think was a great pick at 31. He's gotten stronger. Andre has, you know the shooting ability and then they also picked up Tyler Bay, who you're really nice wing defender. He graded out really well to combine with his jumping ability. And I think all three of those guys were excellent picks. And in addition to that they got Josh Richardson. Um, from Philadelphia in exchange for Seth Curry trade that benefits both teams. Richardson will be a really nice defender, especially off the ball. Actually try to help Luca Dance, which you know on hung defensive ends. I think they did They degraded since you mentioned the deal of Thesixties and the Mavs made with Seth Curry ended up in Philadelphia. I also thought to sex. It did pretty well on draft night. I actually like their picks in the reverse order that they were taken. You told me last week you thought Paul Reed was one of the best. Defensive players in this draft and he goes in the fifties and the sixties still got him. I know they liked Isaiah Joe. There was word out that two sixes to promised they would take him. Well, they did, but they didn't have to take until the second round and they used their first round pick on Tyreese Maxie out of Kentucky. I think that's all three guys. We're going to step in and have a chance to contribute for the sixes. Even here in their rookie season. Yeah, Plus, they got rid of Al Horford's contracts, so I think they did great. They brought in Danny Green and he's shooting. They got Danny Green, Seth Curry on condition to the guys who they drafted. I think, Hillary. It'll be a really nice player for them, You know, in defensive end and Maxie's got to really hung nice upside. He could. He could be a contributor right away. Isaiah Joe. Maybe not right away. But you know he's not the shooters, so I think they did figure really well. I was pretty happy with 26 a draft. All right. Oklahoma City has gone for the last year and maybe even more than that into a rebuild mode. They were still able to make the playoffs and win a whole bunch of games this year, even after Trading away key pieces because they got veterans back and return like Chris Paul this year, Morpho for draft Capital. How did they do and I know they've still got many pics yet to come. And 2021 22 23 24 25 depicts is spread out over years to come had they do with their first put in the rebuild pool in this year's draft, in your estimation. I think they did it. Okay. You know, they brought Harford in Orford. I think we'll be a good fit for them. The guys they drafted focus of ski. Um, I don't know if you've seen shit home Green play. They came from Minnesota Who's Icicle Sr now? This is some feed and very skinny. Maybe 100 80 £185, but exceptionally skilled, yes, ball skills and Piece of defense to get chop blocking skills. Broca's caps. Gypsies is similar to him clearly a little bit for project but you know they're dressing for the future, and he's clearly got good upside..

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