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If I ever set of rules that had been designed with a double standard in mind, so says the democratic operative busted this week freezing Russian disinformation tactics to help Doug Jones when his Senate seat against ROY Moore from WNYC in New York. This is on the media. I'm Brooke Gladstone. And when it comes to checking the president one dog reporter says it gets easier. The first time I might not be able to point out immediately that he's not telling the truth, but the fifth time or the ten times for the seventy fifth time, you know, some of these claims literally that many times by that's what I know. It also did you really need to know what actress looked like as a child. No, you didn't you've been sort of constructive into this fake algorithm. Acumen human being scrolling through garbage gives you some endorphin push. It's all coming up after this. Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Jim hawk the new chairman of the house foreign affairs committee says he'll hold hearings on President Trump's relationship with Russia. Democratic congressman Eliot Engel saying appears the president concealed details of his conversations with Russian President Vladimir Putin, president had a meeting with with Putin in Helsinki, many, many months ago, nobody knows as far as I know. I certainly don't know what happened there what they discussed. There's just such secrecy. The Washington Post is quoting unnamed US officials are saying Trump took notes from his own interpreter. After meeting with Putin and Helsinki instructing, the individual not to discuss what was said, President Trump told Fox News. He's not hiding anything on Tuesday, the British parliament will cast one of its biggest votes in decades. They will decide whether to support Prime Minister Theresa May's deeply unpopular deal to leave the European Union or is NPR's. Frank Langfitt reports rejected and risk plunging. The United king. And political chaos if it's twenty to thirty votes maze. Hoping that the you might offer some words of assurance that the UK won't be trapped inside the you for years, but that's unlikely to win over many members of parliament if it's a big loss, Jeremy Corbyn, he's the head of the opposition labor party. He could call for a vote of no confidence in the UK government in May's government, and what he wants to do is forcing general election. Try to topple may and her conservative party. Now, parliament could also move to seize control of the whole Brexit process, and hold what are called non binding votes on what's next, and that could include everything from another type of deal with the EU vote to delay Brexit or even a call for a second referendum. Frank Langfitt reporting from London parents of students in the Los Angeles unified school district are bracing for a strike affecting more than eight hundred forty schools beginning later today NPR's do Ali say kowtow reports schools are set to stay open using hundreds of newly hired substitutes during a telephone townhall organized by UTA the. The union that represents more than thirty thousand educators parent, Chris Anderson asked this question for those that do keep because at home will they face any truancy issues going forward from the Elliot law enforcer, the answer from a union leaders is that UTA cannot encourage students to miss school in a family resource guide put out by the school district. It says all schools will be open and students are expected to attend. But it also says instruction will be provided by qualified staff or reassigned administrators do psychotic L NPR news, Los Angeles, divers off the coast of Indonesia have finally recovered the voice recorder of a lion air jet that crashed into the Java CNN Tober. A government spokesman told reporters that remains of some of the one hundred eighty nine people who died in the crash were also discovered at the seabed location. This is NPR news. There are more calls urging Democratic Republic of Congo to recount the votes in its disputed presidential election, adding to international pressure on to ensure the legitimacy of the next administration. NPR's ofeibea Quist arcton reports the runner up in the official results is challenging the outcome alleging Rick vote, the Southern African Development community once the election peace in Congo and says a recount of the disputed presidential vote. What a show but win is loses. The block is also advocating a Congolese national unity government candidate must for you finished in second place in declared results, but says he and not fixed is the official winner. The camps of cheesecake Eddie and outgoing President Joseph Kabila deny fixing the vote. You know, he's also calling for a manual recount and has launched a legal challenge. Congress constitutional court. The concerns voiced by the regional bloc echoes of the US, France and former colonial power Belgium, but the region's opinion is likely more important to Congo as its endorsement of. The election outcome is crucial for any new government's legitimacy of the Akwa. Stockton NPR news. Yes. A man with a knife rushed onto the stage during the finale of charity events Sunday stabbing a polish mayor and the abdomen multiple times. And leaving the politician fighting for his life, the mayor of Gdanks grabbed his belly and collapsed in front of the audience during a fundraiser for Poland's, most important charity police immediately arrested the suspect Twenty-seven-year-old with a criminal record who had carried out Bank robberies the attacker reportedly gained access to the area using a media badge. I'm Jim hawk NPR news in Washington. Support for NPR comes from Americans for the arts committed to transforming America's communities through the arts and arts education, supporting the nonprofit arts industry, which employs four point six million people nationwide. Learn more at Americans for the arts dot org. From WNYC in New York. This is on the media Bob Garfield, and I'm Brooke Gladstone walking or flying. But by the one is okay. With me. We're going to see a lot earlier in the week. Trump reportedly.

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