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Your funky requests at three two nine eight one seven two hundred we've got a few texts that came in about worst videos seven seven three says come on eileen worst dressed band ever pb says that yeah they wear overalls those guys throughout the why am i blanking on the name of the band dexia midnight runners that's right dexia's midnight runners when i worked at ginger ale house that song played conde played that song constantly on the jukebox six three zero area code says the worst and scariest video is phil collins genesis land of confusion with puppets putting catch up on their on their tongues and it freaked me out that's actually considered a good video like like a groundbreaking and cool video splitting image was the name of the spitting image you're splitting image remember the name of the puppet the british puppet a show that had the very distinctive crazy looking a character puppets and they use them in the land of confusion video six three coaches hey nick another worst videos marilyn manson's beautiful people especially when he rides a pig in it thanks for a great show that's chris and elk grove village thank you chris eight one five area code says i love the song by robin thicke blurred lines but the unrated booby version is sad kids saw that i would disagree with that your kid unless your kid and then six six zero eight area code says toni basil mickey is just awful and so as the song no it's not i love that song toni basil by the way looks exactly the same as she did in nineteen eightythree have you seen her now she is not aged at all.

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