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Memorial Day, Dave Nussbaum, Kobe discussed on Newell Normand


And humid Memorial Day but we'll have a sixty percent chance for showers and thunderstorms with some downpours with high temperatures around eighty eight WW LTV meteorologist Dave Nussbaum we'll be right back with the local weather experts forecast the Louisiana department of health estimates another two thousand four hundred fifty one people have recovered from Kobe nineteen an estimated total of twenty eight thousand seven hundred recoveries the state seven says it's over comments computer trouble for today's total case count of thirty seven thousand eight hundred nine that's up six hundred and forty from yesterday deaths are up eighteen at two thousand five eighty five the number of people hospitalized went up thirty four at eight hundred and forty seven Louisiana state police are asking for prayers today for fallen trooper W. wells Dave Cullen tells a stripper George Baker has died Baker was hit by a Hammond police officers cars he picked up a spike strip used to stop a fleeing vehicle last week trooper George Baker has succumbed to injuries sustained in the performance of his duties state police superintendent colonel Kevin Reeves George the thirty three year old ten year law enforcement and military veterans the vigil of family friends and his fellow troopers remained at the hospital from the very beginning until his passing Reeves asked Louisiana to join him and the governor and prayers for Baker his wife and daughter their family and the Louisiana state police along with all law enforcement officers staff at the state's five veterans homes across Louisiana will be hosting private ceremonies this year for Memorial Day due to covert nineteen Louisiana department of Veterans Affairs secretary colonel Joey Strickland says despite the virus the holiday is still too important.

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