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Time for Bryan Combs. We were actually just sitting here talking about the Reds opening in a week and What the expectations are. I'm pretty high in this team, right? I don't know what you are pinching. You gotta be pretty high on him, especially if pictures start faster than hitters and the Reds get a nice little jump. From the opponents. They play the 1st 10 games or so be perfect. We are waiting to try and get more information about Ah court decision late last night in Boone County, about 12 hours. There was a hearing yesterday over whether or not the governor had the authority to order masks. What our businesses, tio social distance their customers and limit capacities, all those kinds of things. In the end Judge Richard Brueggemann of Boone County Circuit Court. Apparently, he decided that the attorney general of Kentucky was correct that the governor has overstepped his authority. And that Ah, Basically, he called it to tail. Totalitarian rule is not of the way that Kentucky supposed to operate. So now we're waiting to find out what this means. But I mean, if bars can go backto serving all customers of masks don't need to be worn and whether or not there's going to be a banana peel. That's about the only thing that sounds like for sure at this point. More on this top of the hour. Yeah, we will talk about a day We'll let you hear what the governor thinks of this in 15 minutes. There's Radio seven Try Health, Medical Minute time brought to you by dry health. It's Dr Chris Sama, director of the Stroke and Nero Critical care center, a trial Topic of the week is a neuro critical care question. Today is what exactly is it? It's actually a relatively new specialty of in medicine. It's only been around for as its own specialty for about 15 years. And you know, in the hospital, we have intensive care unit. And a physician who is trained and certified to working on an intensive care unit is referred to as either critical care doctor or an intensive. But as care has got more complex and more advance, they're gonna need to even some specialized those intensity. And so in medicine. There's cardiac intensive. It's surgical intensive, and they're also neuro intensive. It's so another intensive. It's someone who has some specialized skills and training. To take care of the of the most critically ill and injured patients with due to a neurologic problem, which could be anything from a Traumatic brain injury, serious stroke as we discussed Um, seizures or seizures or what's called status of Web tickets. My future's won't monster Munch cease their stock to occur. These other conditions that are produced severe brain inflammation that render somebody into a coma. And they need to be carrying it. The mother diseases of the nerves and Muckle like something like Cheon beret. Or mine is any gravity when it gets very severe, would be in.

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