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Scorsese was like, no I'm gonna make silence and this feels like him. Okay. We'll fine. I'm gonna make my own movie, and it really works in an ideal world. This would be kind of going up for the big awards. But I think it's just too weird. I think they kademi is not ready for Ethan Hawke during king whiskey mixed with pepped abysmal. I think one of the things also amazing film. It's like I mean car remember what his last re like truly great film was I mean, he's made lows of really great films in seventeen eighty rediscussed light sleeper on. You must be. The said like what are the poster quotes for this film, which we crack up every time I says like Schreyer's best film for twenty five years. Why would you say on the poster, but it is true fair enough? He's still got it baby while you can trace the lineage from taxi drove, oh, which he wrote to first reformed and why we like about this as well as that. It is all kind of like in his head. You know, you're getting these diary entries, which become increasingly more frantic and depressed until the point where he stopped writing the diary, it feels so intimate and so private and a lot of my friends, aren't you? I don't need to see a film by white man struck with his Gill. But I was like no it's about being a human. And how all struggling with an I just yeah. I try to himself is an incredibly problematic, man. This is I think it's it's a Christmas movie. Actually, you know, it's all about how capitalism's going to kill us all and if that doesn't scream Christmas. I don't know what does strong recommended. Struggling with I reforms. Let's just take a break before he goes to the podium..

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