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Siriusxm NFL analyst eleven year NFL vet star a with the Packers Ohio State AJ. Couple of instance, more AJ what's up. Jay do well in in. What was really a tremendous performance in a doozy of a national championship game last night. But Clemson, I mean, I did not see a combination J that ca I could see clubs at one of the game as I talked about earlier on. But did not think that country was gonna handed Alabama the way that they did. No. I mean, I know people can claim now they saw it coming. But I don't think anyone saw the route that we saw last night especially with Alabama started out. I think even I I was sitting there thinking all right? Yeah. They may be down, but Alabama's gonna find a way to mount a comeback. They're gonna make a run and get this and close tied it up, and then it'll be an even game going out. And let's see who the best team is. But they just they just could not put together you gotta get fed to Clemson. Their defense was amazing. I think that's the story of the night. Obviously what Trevor born students a true freshman quarterback coming in and just plain flawless was was very impressive. But their defense was man, they were on fire doubt AJ. No doubt. Agreed speaking on that like the defense for Clemson ended up figuring out how to shut down that run again because you know, Alabama's run the ball pretty good early in the game for the most part. They're getting of yours, nausea, Harris was playing well and stuff like that and Jacobs. But that's what I want to ask you man, you think Dabo at the end of the day more or less Al coach Saban in this game. I mean. Yeah, you could say that. No question. I. Everyone always thinks that the Alabama has the most talent on the field. No matter who they're playing. I mean, I think Clemson has an argument for that. No question. But yeah, I mean Brent Bengals the D coordinator for Clemson. And everyone was talking about this game coming in all this secondary. They're gonna be able to hold up against two others passing attack. And they absolutely stepped up to the plate and herbs even said it on the toward the end of the broadcast. People are going to study that game. And study what Clemson did defensively to try to see how they can slow Alabama down in coming years. And I think Venables deserves a lot of credit and dabuma a good thing rolling down there. Clemson. Yeah. They they really do, and you know. Lawrence at nineteen years of age AJ to step into that stage with a national championship a year ago. He's played high school football steps into that program wins the starting quarterback job Ed to play as officially as he did last night. After what looked like a nervous start to the game. It's really remarkable. Yeah. It really is. In fact, that he never really had a miss as you said this a few close early in the in the first half, but no interceptions. Three touchdown goes for almost three hundred fifty yards and just converting a lot of huge third downs with pressure in it states stepping into throws go involved. Obviously had a couple of nights one handed catches from his it's receivers and they play great too. But. You never shook. And I think sometimes there's something to that is something good about being young and inexperienced. You don't have any of those negative thoughts in your head. You you haven't been there and really failed on a big stage like that. So you don't have anything to worry about. And I love that about Trevor Lawrence. But when you that guy in interviews after the game, he he's very humble give credit to all of his teammates around him. He seems to be the total package, and he's a giant of a man with all the physical tools as well. Yeah. No doubt manage six five is she he's he's got a big arm and he's smarter in the field. Great vision. I mean, the travel Lawrence agent, you think that as we still be friends with coordinators the coordinators had a lot of tape on them as the year went on especially Alabama going into this game. I mean, do you think going into next season? Trevor launch will have that from a defense perspective. I mean now you figure this guy out a little bit. I mean, you think that that maybe his I'm not hoping to for the kid, but maybe his talent not trap drops next year. But maybe there's a little bit of a less. Oh my God. This. Guys, doing everything perfect type thing. I mean, I I don't know how you can keep up the pace that he has kept up throughout the season. And the way that he capped it off in the national title. I feel bad for him with still much credit given to him and so much praise. A true freshman the been playing college for two more years. He's gonna have a misstep at some point. You're going to have some kind of. Air quotes bad game bad game for him. Maybe two hundred fifty yards passing. Yeah. Yeah. There's gonna be some kind of wet down as far as the public because things happen. It's just he's a human being. But I, yeah, they'll be tape on you, can you can draw a great plan. But the fact is just like last night a lot of times, there's some great coverage played by Alabama. And he threw the ball where only history Seaver congestion. So what do you think thinking throws like that? It's almost like what you gotta figure hands up in there as Bama saying. What can we do to when we supposed to do? This guy's point perfect tonight. Jay hawk hawk cast at check it out Sirius XM NFL analyst and eleven year NFL fat start Ohio State and AJ as we transition away from the title game. What college question what to get your thoughts on the floor and Green Bay as well? Were. You surprised the news yesterday Ryan day, take it over Ohio State? Obviously were you surprised the news yesterday? They came down at Gratiot ah was no longer going to be the defensive coordinator moving forward at Ohio State. Yeah. It was a little bit. I know I live in Columbus, and people speak very highly of in what he's done. I know the defense has kind of been inconsistent about this past season is skating. People fans, I guess get frustrated at times, but you know, Ryan day bringing some guys that he has relationship with his work on staff with before. And he's done this now for a little while where they've had to defensive coordinators, and I don't know how that works. When it first started happening with Luke and shadow, I believe, I it was my linebacker coach at Ohio State. He had coaches Cincinnati. Now always wondered how that would work you have to have defined roles who's gonna call the defense on game day. How do you build the game plans? And then they've obviously figured out how to do it. I was a little surprised to see shadow go. And now, I'm I'm curious as to where he ends up. Well, and speaking of cultures movement around well shift the NFL AJ Matlock flaws. You know, he's the head coach now to Packers. What's your thoughts on this, man? And our talking a lot about it before. Segments ago. What do you think on this good job? They can Rogers connect being that. There's you know what I mean? Like Rogers is the household name. Big time stud star Matlock floors never been head coach anywhere. You know? How do you think this will work? Well, yeah, I I like to have a higher, and I think it tells you something that they jumped out and got him after one interview, and they didn't even have them back. I think they they realized after interviewed him to disguise special and they don't want him to get sucked up by another team. And so I I spent a month on the Atlanta Falcons couple years back when they went to the Super Bowl actually in the floor was quarterbacks coach at the time. I talked to him every day when I was there, and he had that kind of mossy I kind of feel that that young hotshot played college the football nerd smart guy like in a positive way for football. They live for for calling offensive plays. And he's obviously Kyle Shanahan McVay disciple. When everyone's trying to find the next day and Shanahan and why not go right to that. Same coaching tree. So I don't think you need to. Critic experience like you have before you don't have to keep recycling old NFL coaches you can easily find success was never coach better head coach in the NFL or really anywhere. Really? I think I think he and Erin honest, I think we'd get along. Great. I love okay, creative playcalling. He hasn't it. I think it's a good hunter who know AJ got about a minute left here as divisional route of the NFL players get going this weekend. It right now. AJ who do you think the favourite is to win the Super Bowl? Oh boy. Just because they are different team down to the dome. I know going there and playing it's really really difficult to to win in the dome as of now I like the saints, but I'd like to I'd like to eagles story. I love with Nick foles is doing and I never count the patriots out. So I just have a hard time ever saying now the patriots will not win. But I also said the same thing about Alabama before last. How will we won't hold that against? I liked Alabama going to the game last night as well. Hey AJ. We certainly appreciate the time. This morning continued success, and we'll do it again real soon. All right. All right. Thanks, guys. Jay hawk hawk cast, siriusxm NFL radio analyst and check them out eleven year NFL vet state star. And he said he was surprised by the news was shadow, which you and I were talking about during the course of.

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