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Why today's episode we're going through the Pacific Division probably one of the more exciting ones we got four five anyways anyways anyways the three Clippers Lakers warriors? Oh Yeah I guess so heavy where you're right. You're right you're right but we got to like these are the real title candidates and then one we know still going to be good but we don't know if they're they're not on that level of other teams that La but but Californians inroads this guy basketball kind of envious of that but we may start should we start off with the Trivia so the first is question comes from Mantis. We ought Derek growth had an iconic fifty point game but why was his career high I before the fifty point game was at thirty nine forty one forty two or forty seven points in a single game forty one forty one for Derek. DOC said they're very confidently Derek. I I like the reviewer they gave him. One against the Lakers forty two for Mike P for it is forty two. You hit that confidence. I liked the cavernous. Is this a little bit of question number two from Cesar cruise which was the last pair of teammates to finish first and second and scorn born was answers and see the crew was Alex English and Kiki Vandeweghe was the MCAS Scottie Pippen what is corrine and clouds wreck slow Osa Russell Westbrook and Kevin going to rant in scorn for single season. Yes one into first and second. What's is an amazing thing. Is Only it only happened once in the current era the sixties and fifties count. I'm sorry I'm sorry anybody that was planning sixties as watching this episode but Westwood Durant Allies Awan Drexler Sular short and pithy Alexander Way. I'M GONNA go with this algorithm. I'm going on the line and cloud. Ok P we were Jordan pimp. Losing you can keep it is Alexander Kiki Vandeweghe and eighty three eighty four or something like that number one and number two. I was looking at season and there's a bunch of names and atop in that. I don't even recognize there was leading the League in scoring so I guess a season the Madison. What's then then lastly of this episode? Allison is cool and Kiki Vandeweghe given people those fans and mess with that Allen Chan which a player has the highest percentage in the history of the league win percentage is calculated by total wins divided by the total number of games played right. Is it AIDS right. Mark Green is a beep Michael. Jordan is as C. Tim Duncan or a D. Choline Linda while while Leonard Conductor Squad Leonard Year has seventy five point thirty seven percent of his gave that crazy said that so many times on the playoffs they'd say K to at least last year they idea and Co winner and the second was Magic Johnson. I didn't even know why Magic Johnson wasn't an option here because he's pretty close seventy three point point nine five percent. Larry was seventy three point five eight and then so pretty close wise guy that and who knows maybe even higher at in this season because the clippers are great so let's talk about the clippers man big offseason for them like one of the most crazy things happen or maybe it was one o'clock in the morning some like that this time when we heard about Kawhi Leonard signing. He's like Oh snap. We finally know at three minutes later after we found out that Paul George is coming with him. I get out of bed winter. My work room recorded a video right there about it because I was in disbelief. That's why the NBA is such a great because something like this that you cannot predict happens asleep when it happened but I woke up like three and I remember looking at it and I was just in Disbelief uh-huh there Paul George was going to because he really just signed his his extension to and I was like wow they're going to be dangerous because they still got most of their core from last year to have all all of Larry. Geller is the only got tomatoes here. She's not there no more but I mean that team was in the playoff hunt for most of the season last year and then it got to the point where the trade deadline. They traded their best player Tobias Harris but they got yes so they fire if you trades arrest player and you get better yeah. I'll say you still pay him. In lieu will definitely Lewis definitely there so they are projected to forty eight games aims which seems a bit low. I think they take it into account. It right management said quals low manager won't be as strict as last year which sisk which is good to hear a clippers game and not see him play exactly we'll be there that he will bob after the first month of the season because he had this shoulder injury but he was just at the core outside of clip from the House of highlights and he was hoping and then he's been in the gym so who knows I'm the speculation about him not being ready for the beginning of the season but regardless even if he miss Su three weeks that team is still good enough to be you know they're looking at what Pat Bay of Landry Shamet then. We have Paul George if he was healthy. Kawai Massara five is crazy the wheel monitor yeah six six or seven man. I liked it. It was exciting. Geologist said we kept looking at the CO Atlanta going to the clippers alone and thinking ain't GonNa how good they can be let alone and Paul George candidate last year and I'm glad you said that how excited and this made basketball because I got this port up in front of me about the NBA pass and the changes ten four stricter measures to free agency tampering rules Yup. We're now the penalty is going up from six million ten million. They'll do random audits where they can take a player's agents and some front office guys phones. They mentioned doing things about guys contact. Another guy traded like the coli they basically because of the alright so because he's new rules being applied we that may have been our last big bang exactly yeah because is at midnight realistically. There's no way players had already had contract signed because that means they were talking before the beginning of the free agency period so we won't get like how some people stay up all night to livestream. The Free Agency period is not gonNA happen that way anymore. We see Timofey Mas signed a one or six so now did they changed the time that people can also propose a banner players communicate with one another to progressive trae from current team seen reaction to win coalisland and approach coach Paul George July to get him on just and fair interesting then Adam Silver said I think it's pointless at the end of the day to have rules that we can't enforce it hurts. The perception of integrity around on a League people say well you have that rule in is that teams aren't fully complying. So why do you even have it. I think the sense in the room was we revisit. Those rules tampering reached a fever pitch during the two thousand nine hundred eighty two c period with nearly every major deal seemingly agreed upon before quickly after the Celtics tampering period began June thirtieth some feels like Kimmel walkers packed with the Boston Celtics and Kyrie Irvings with the Brooklyn Nets report it will before teams. Were even supposed to be able to contact players. There's a big difference between we have conversations about. How team wants to Rosser would've prioritize the free agency and whether they have interesting your player or having a deal on June twenty eight until a watch both sides are an information gathering business. That's the nature of the job and apparently wochit some agent or a the Front Office Yeah Front Office Guy told him that he'll he'll he'll play by the rules until he finds that other people on then go back to none which is what he did with the NBA draft right. We use like they're thinking about drafting this guy. It was something like that but that's very interesting to this. After this off season so like seems like the clippers or people to hit big if fritzy they'd lucked out because next as a class kind of trash so they'd lucked out that this rule was it for this year because who knows how Brooklyn would look if they couldn't talk to carry Irvine before you you know that this thing started so definitely definitely lucked out there but this clippers same super super excited and they're going to be a defensive greedy team PAB AF Santo Santos Gerbil on him one of the best shooters in the league last year his rookie year mattress hair was a dog off the bench that we know alluvial can do too so I'm super excited for this team but we gotta look at positives and negatives. One of the big negatives for them is that they trade a pretty much the entire future for a two years of Paul George winner so if they strike out in those two years for us championship goes both of those players can walk and go try to pursue a somewhere else but I think it's a worthy thing that's right because you have been one of those seams over the laughing stock of the League. When I came amen then you have the whole sterling thing that happened that made it even even worse and they were always. LA's little brother in my still always be Lakers town. Yes it will probably always do you. Lakers town but the clippers can now fight at potentially when it's Yes doc rivers had like a little interview we're talking about the process and he was talking about. I had told them the team wasn't good enough and they needed to get Paul George and do this and that and it's a quote right here they said the Stephen Bomber because apparently kept saying six pigs for Paul. George is a lot and Dogra Rousson keeps and six pitch for Paul. George is insane but a six pigs for Paul Ankle exactly because he wasn't coming without another is is. He looks at it as three for each young anybody who do that so I I think. I think that it's a good risk because I think even if they don't get the temperatures in the new takes two years. I think they'll be awfully close or something happened. I'm I'm sure collide would stay just because it's that. La Town George I don't I don't know L. A. Natives. I think they wanted to stay in in. La and who yeah I think thinking of way they both of them. Leave is like something harassing. You should the bid or somebody even making conference finals dig into it yeah but ah but it seems like both of those guys will be at a jail. Neither wanted a personalities that I too strong and I think it was pretty laid back and quiet. I don't think Oh yeah I don't think anything's really popoff popoff would them to write and then I mean when you look at contract wise I mean they're the top two obviously but then after that I mean you got a little wheels prior to third as a player on teen gene. He's the fifth highest play mom. Mohawk is the one making eleven Patrick Bev making twelve. He's got his money. ZUBEC- is making six. He'll probably be due for a was it already do. ZUBEC- wasn't they. Restrict okay near Montreal. Herald probably get paid but other than that I mean they. They got they got something. Nice outlander champagne sale and his rookie deal. I liked the rookies that they brought in. They didn't bring in anybody..

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