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I I have a career transition coming up had love your advice. I'm transitioning from time self employment to it fulltime corporate job. I'm married and have two daughters. Eight and four I left my work. I love my job as a workplace strategy consultant about two and a half years ago to open up a professional organizing business, I decided that self employment. It's too lonely, and I wanna go back to an office with coworkers. I've interviewed several places and think I'll be back at work within the next two to four weeks. But how do I decide which job to take option one? My previous job has offered me a job. Basically starting I left off same salary giving me the twenty days of vacation, I left with and. Title and same jobs in clients. I know what I'm getting it was a great place. And I'm there for almost eleven years. They're pretty flexible around working hours working from home one day week etcetera. I really love my, boss, etc. The downsize is there was a little bit more sales than I liked. I was getting a little bored, and I was topped out as far as growth, she feels like there's many years retirements before she could possibly move up on the ladder. She didn't feel like there's too much travel. It feels safe option two is a larger firm. This is she knows one person who used to work at an Old Firm. Very well, but doesn't know the company as well. It's larger there's more opportunity to grow and more opportunity to work on different types of projects. They have two things she's really interested in and she feels like they're able to craft the job. So she can do to size of what she really loves, but our bosses will not be in the same city. She feels like there's similar flexibility in terms of working from home, and she doesn't have salary benefits info yet. But she feels like it's likely to be about even there may be a bit more travel. She says it feels like less of a safe bet, but more opportunity to be challenged. I'm pretty risk averse, but I don't wanna play it safe some leaning towards this option. Am I crazy? Well, hopefully that wasn't too long. But I feel like. I think no, she's not crazy. And, you know, first of all if you have actually two job offers in hand like life is good because you actually don't have to take either just as they are the fact that two people really want. You is a good position to be in because you can go back and forth between them to get one of them to be as much as possible of the good parts of both. Right. This is a negotiation situation when you're coming into people actually expect you to negotiate. That's not like a weird thing at all. So take this opportunity to say what both have on the table and decide what you like of each of them. And then go back to each place and say, well, hey, I'd love to work with you. I also have this other offer on the table in. This thing was really important to me that you had there could we maybe do this here. So I mean, if she likes the option, you know, the the risky one a she put it she could go back to the safe place. She has asked for a lot more ask for more money than she left with ask for more vacation days. Maybe get a specific timeline for moving up the ladder. If she thinks there's not opportunities for growth does. She know that for sure maybe they could create something new for her or that she could craft something from that suit. Go back to option wanted say will I'd like these things you can also do that with option to as well say, you know, I got twenty days vacation at my old place. Like, you're going to have to match that they might do. So us I got to work from home when they wake at my old place. I would like to have in writing that. That's okay. All right. Maybe they'd be willing to do this at you know, the point is both of these offers are going to be negotiable. So rather than film as like do I choose one or two? How can I go back to both one and two and get the good parts of both?.

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