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BBM news, radio dot com at 2, 45 and Envelope addressed to the White House contained a substance that federal investigators identified as the lethal substance. New York Times reports. It is unclear when the elbow envelope was intercepted before it reached the White House mail room, but investigators believe it was sent from Canada. 15 year old boy has been reported missing from aggression on the South side, police say Let Dantas Diesel Farrell was last seen yesterday in the 7900 block of South Peoria, Pharaoh African American 5 £420 Brown eyes black hair and has a dark brown complexion. Democrats raised more than $31 million in the hours after Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg death. The word of the fundraising total comes from a donation ticker on the Website of Act blew the party's online fundraising platform. Nobody. BBM news time to 46. It's time for sports, including the latest from the U. S Open, sponsored by Canteen Egolf. Here's Dave Turner. First, Let's tell you about reports that have the Bear is trying to work at least on a contract extension for running back to rate Cohen. Now. The football club is also reopened extension talks, it is said with receiver Alan Robinson yesterday, the Rams came to terms on an extension with receiver Robert Woods at four years. $68 million. Robinson threw his agent, expressing some unhappiness earlier this week that the Bears have not been able to work out. A contract extension for him will see what becomes of the talks, which supposedly have restarted. Alec Mills, pitching for the Cubs tonight, as they take on the Twins and Michael Pineda at Wrigley Field comes got the one Nothing win behind Kyle Hendricks over the Twins last night, and it's Dallas conical off the injured list with back issues on the mound for the White Sox this evening. They continue their Siri's in Cincinnati. Against the Reds. Trevor Bauer College Football's from games played this afternoon include number 13, Cincinnati over Austin P 55 20. Boston College Be Duke 26 to 6 number 11 Oklahoma State over Tulsa, 16 to 7 number 25. Pittsburgh beat Syracuse 21 to 10 and Navy edging to Lane 27 2 24 Big 10, releasing its eight game eight weeks schedule again, it will begin the weekend. October 23rd and 24th, Illinois to start off on the 24th in Wisconsin, and Northwestern's first game will be against Maryland at Ryan Field. Also on October 24th. Matthew Wolf is the new leader and round three of the U. S. Open at wing foot near New York five under par. He's played nine holes five under par golf on the day. He's a shot better than Patrick Reed, Hideki Matsuyama, Justin Thomas, Rafa Cabrera Bio Bryson to Shambo, all at one under for the tournament, four shots back. With sports on your home of the Bears. Dave current Ernie's radio 7 80 in 105.9 FM Wcbm news time to 48 traffic and weather together on the eight sponsored by Valparaiso University. Erickson had Ryan inbound not doing me any favors from 83rd all the way into the burning her change. For the most part, they're Delaigue stretches the whole way. There's a crash of the express lanes. Watch for that just passed 47 closing them so gotta be forced into or used the local ladies for the skyway on in 41 minutes from that, If the doubt sound 34 back out heavy going between 47 87th thou there looking like the Kennedy not improving much, either that's moving at about a 41 bit of pace that's coming in from here to downtown and 24 from the Eaton's junction sofa cover lit two about Harlem of that past lords to the bird eater. Change up outside souls with later changed all the way up to Harlem. For the most part, you're at 31 minutes to get to O'Hare. Couple open spots there, but for pretty much all the way it's slow, heavy in on the Eisenhower Mannheim to displays Western on in 34 bits from three daddy now 39 back out heavy from independence to almost First Avenue. Stevenson looking okay on the outside, but the up outside still off the dead Ryan to Cicero at 34 minutes to get out to 3 55 for now, Anyway, looking pretty good at 55 north out of little store robber of a road. But that road work between River Road Arsenal continues taking it down to one lane. Either direction. Usually North is worse than the South bound side High. 57 looks good. The bishop Ford 130th just past that point out to the Dan Ryan a bit slow, just a few extra, but it's on your ride, though We'll call 28 coming from 80 94 to the Ryan. Lakeshore drive delays on your north passage from Roosevelt through Grant Park, Chicago Avenue, South Michigan, Chicago Avenue. And then as you approach Balbo because of an earlier crash that's.

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