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Said quote rather than cleanse the child of original sin as in the Christian baptism in posing. Unwarranted quilts, we will glorify her natural instincts and intensify her lust for life. And quote, the subject of the satanic baptism Laver's own three-year-old daughter Zina, it would be a startling visual a blonde smiling and Djelic child being blessed in the name of the devil. The baptism was set. For may twenty third nineteen sixty seven once again, the media descended upon the black house in hordes with some photographers showing up fifteen hours before the ceremony was due to begin church of Satan member and author Kurt Saxon. Made a special amulet for Zena just for the occasion. It was a colorful bafflement a nineteenth century deity often incorporated into a cult traditions. Of course, since it was a baptism for a child. It also featured playful images like ice cream, cones and lollipops Antibes wife. Diane dressed their daughter and a bright red hooded robe and sat her on the edge of the altar happily allowing photographers to snap away to their heart's content. The baptism provoked a great deal of. Outrage from Christian organizations and other concerned citizens. However, there was little they could do Anton Antonova was becoming a cult celebrity a month later LeVine, experienced the tragic death that a close friend on June twenty-ninth nineteen sixty seven Shane Mansfield was killed in a car accident. Levine was devastated, particularly since he had cursed her partner. Sam Brody who also died in the accident months. Earlier Brody had entered the base chapel without asking and desecrated a candle that was reserved for destruction rituals on the Friday night following Mansfield death. Levine held a private satanic memorial service for her at the black house during the ritual. He blasphemed Sam Brody soul and paid tribute to Jayne Mansfield enthusiasm for life as well. As her dedication to the ideals of Satan. However Levin didn't let Mansfield death slow his desire to expand his church due to the re-. Recent publicity. He had enjoyed membership in the church of Satan was steadily growing church of Satan membership operates on a system of degrees. Functioning more like an actual church than a cult. The first degree is active membership in order to be approved for active membership. Individuals are required to submit an application as well. As.

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