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My healthcare doesn't do that. That's more a human care thing. Pass the salt, please, dear. When it comes to your health, you actually have a choice. That's human care on Lee from human 6 35 Times, Jeffries and don Prior. Yeah, we're on the tide of Don share. We are you could jump in at 51283605 90 chat is His downtown now, Chad. Good morning, huh? Chad. Good morning, guys. Yeah, That's one of the comments that no one's. They're building a system that no one's gonna want to use with Kobe. I mean, who's gonna want to get on? A train right now. And how would that even look? It's true they pack it properly. Make it effective and do what it's supposed to do, Welch and here's the thing that year the thing with this train, I have a feeling this virus will be gone 20 years from now, That's how long it's going to be before a train is able to be written in Austin, Texas, and except for that red line that's up and running. It'll take at least two decades to get any of this going to start paying for things now. What's that in two days and well, I think in two decades driverless cars, they're going to take its place. Nobody will have a corner on this for a while. Nobody will have a car. They'll have a subscription, right? It'll be you know something that we don't even look at cars, transportation the same way roads and everything in this city council is not looking that direction. Yeah, By the time it's done, it'll be obsolete. Nish are developing those system. We have people in Austin that air developing the systems currently, it's like there's a disconnect somewhere. So anyway, thanks, guys have a great day whether they're connected to your money, that's for sure. Here's what property will do. There's no doubt about this. This is true. This is 1% sure, Even the City Council will reluctantly tell you this Some of the poorest neighborhoods in our city, and they're typically brought black and brown communities will you've got to go? You can't live here anymore. It's the city has now become Mohr unaffordable for you so much more unaffordable that the city is actually included. $300 million to help you move to relocate you because you may be displaced by the increased property taxes as a result of proper it's a cold, hard, ugly truth. I just wonder how does this community feel about the gentrification of your historic neighborhood? Right? City Council that you put in office. You the people that are being chased out of town. You put the city Council in office. There's no regard for that. Because a CZ we talked about yesterday. None of these people are from here. As you said a council. A ce forest can also goes. It means nothing to them. Clearly, it means they're clearly they have no connection. They feel no connection to Austin. They're trying to create it into a completely different city than what it has been What you trying to? Well, they are just like they did. It's it's full on Austin is gone. It's no longer a conservative city. It's little part. We officially became little Portland. Here's what the voters of Austin said last night one. I don't mind paying higher property taxes for a train that I'll never use. People don't mind that voters don't mind that voters don't mind paying Maurin property taxes. They also voted last night. This was this was a message to the City Council. We're okay. With the homeless crisis that you've created. Keep it up. That's what the voters said last night were OK with the homelessness in the trash, and we're okay with the de funding and eventual dese disbanding of the Austin police Department. That's what the majority of voters in Austin, Texas, said yesterday. And we're okay with long time Austin businesses closing well okay with longtime Austin restaurants On an iconic businesses closed again because thes these the City Council has no connection to these iconic businesses. For example, they do not care about the future. It means nothing to them. Nothing, nothing, nothing, Nothing they're creating, or they have created a new city. It's realizing this is I mean, this is a bleak conversation we're having here, but But it is the reality. It truly is. And again. I'm just stunned. Ah, that folks have gone in. And they said yesterday this and I can only think that the majority of the people said yes to this did not know what the hell that they were doing. Or they knew exactly what they were doing. And don't care. 11 of the two but you also have to realize what you voted. Yes, for and you're going to immediately start paying Maurin your property taxes and, yes, you're going to start paying Maurin your rent. And yes, you're going to start paying Mohr When you said the restaurant and order a hamburger, you're gonna have to pay more. Of that, as a result of the the the the way that stretches out in all kinds of directions. It will make your head explode. It's just extraordinary is it's extraordinary to me and this is something That you're not even any most likely You're not even going to use it won't even be done. It wanted to be built. I'm going to start paying for this now. I'm never going to use it. It's never going to see it. Here's what the voters of Austin, Texas have also done by voting. Yes, on this property and and re electing the most progressive City Council members, Greg Cassard, he won with a mandate. Basically, what they've done is increased the property values of the surrounding cities. Because people who want to go that's right. And there's going to be a demand to move the Liberty Hill Leander Cedar Park is there. Georgetown. It's already they happen. It's already been happening. Yeah, you just push it even further. And I guess they're okay with that. They love this man. City Hall loves us right now. That was a Greg Cassard is celebrating right now. He sure as hell is and I was just visualizing myself is a 21 year old walking into the polls when I saw this passes visualized myself, then looking down and having no idea what I'm looking at on this proposition. Going out Cool. Oh, yeah. Hey. Oh, yeah for that. Yeah, that's you know, just uninformed and squeeze in Joe. He's in Cedar Park this morning, Joe. Good morning. Hey, Good morning, guys. Hey, I just want to say, you know you're sort of the council's up from Austin..

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