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By row. James also known as ronnie james tucker born november nineteenth nineteen eighty seven and he goes by the stage name of james. He is a german born. American singer songwriter was born in stood guard germany and he is known for his single of which you just heard permission. Rich reached number thirty seven on the hot rb and hip hop songs chart and he is signed by by storm entertainment. Rca records this was released. His album called el dorado his first album under a major label. And what. I didn't know about road james. Is that his aunt. Is rosie gaines. Who was a former singer for prince and wrote james. He loved the album purple rain. And you know what it landed him in the studio at the age of nineteen and he wrote he had a single. He had a credit on a single. Call us me that was done by rb singer. Miguel who he formed a bond with on my space and you know row. James has performed in around new york with artists. Such as luke. James and woodson gordon. And you know that continued on for him. He released in nine and two thousand and thirteen his epi. A three part entitled coke. Jack and cadillacs woo. We celebrate row. James right here on a bowl of soul and you know his album. His debut album which was released on may twenty seven two thousand and sixteen. It debuted as set at number seventy one on the us billboard two hundred and at number eight on the us top rb hip hop albums and it subsequently earned him his first nomination for best rb performance at the fifty ninth grammy awards in february. Two thousand. seventeen. Make sure you check out row james and you can definitely check them out by going to amazon. Itunes you name it spotify. All of the artists here martha reeves.

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