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Did for this organization. Get all the latest news from Commander's Training Camp on WTOP and join the team as they get back on the road to glory. WTOP news. This is WTOP news. It is 2 -53. The DC archives houses the DC's oldest documents that track centuries of birth to death records and life events in between. After decades in a historic building, the agency is moving to a new pad. We have death records. We have merits records. Inside the box is filled with historic DC government documents. Dr. Lopez Mathews Jr. can follow life the stories of district residents as far back as 1792. For instance, a black couple who've together been for 50 years in the 1860s and they were finally able to get married. And I thought just how amazing that was. He heads up the DC archives and we don't have a lot of space. A new home is on the way. The city is moving ahead with a cutting edge $104 million building at the University of DC to chance for others to learn about the lives linked to DC's oldest documents. Bigger, better, more space. Gigi Barnett WTOP news. Are you an Amazon Prime member? If so, listen up. The company reports legit that outstanding operators are calling their customers and saying that accounts have been compromised. If you get that call, remember, they're saying it's fake. Amazon says if there is an issue with your account, remember that it's on the website or the app where you'll find that out. It seems doctors are on TV all the time now talking about and any number of various medical issues and breakthroughs. But if you're not a doctor, how often do you understand everything they're saying? Doctors learn a whole lot in medical school, but communication doesn't get much emphasis. It's a really missed opportunity. Dr. Idina Wise is a neurologist at Mount Sinai Beth Israel in New York, and she says the debates and discussions during the pandemic proved doctors need to do better at being easily understood. What physicians should be doing or the public at large is communicating essentially at a fifth grade reading level. And the reason for that is so that nobody's missed. Adding to their troubles, doctors are under a ton of pressure to see, you know, as many patients as they can. And since that puts face time with a patient at a premium, she says it's all the more reason doctors need to make sure what they're saying is easily understood. John Dome in WTOP news. Sports at 25 and 55, powered by Maximus, moving forward. What's up, Frank Hanrahan. We got a full house at the city open in Rock Creek Park for the women's My final Coco golf, one of the stars in the game looking for her first big 500 series WTA title and Coco is looking good so far off to a three zip start first set over as a kari women's championship at the city open men's title later talent Greeks for verses Daniel Evans, I'm sure that's how they drew it up when they thought of this tournament to start women's World Cup as the what I could have should have thoughts about the United States women's team no scoring a regulation goal too straight that's always gonna be a factor and so was a case for the US as they did not score again losers and dreaded only kicks to Sweden round of 16 so there will be no three p for the u .s. this time around U .N .B .A. about to get set mystics taking on the L .A. Sparks baseball nationals going for four in a row currently up for three at Cincinnati top four C. J. Abrams Lane Thomas homers for the Nats who are going for the sweep in Cincinnati and Baltimore it's a birds in the Mets scoreless in the top of the fifth from Camden yards Frank Hanrahan W. T. sports O. P. thanks Frank 256 get fast reliable Xfinity internet and now you can add a whole new way to watch the entertainment you love introducing now TV the best value in live TV and streaming just twenty dollars a month get over 40 live channels plus watch movies shows and live sports with Peacock premium a five ninety nine a month value included at no extra cost start watching thousands of hours of content in minutes so whether you're an action junkie a sports

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