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As a Ron state TV shows people in the streets singing and chanting but for the U. S. the general killed was a bad guy a murderer fox's Rachel Sutherland live in Washington did calling the air strike a decisive defensive action the Pentagon claims because since tzu LeMond he was actively planning to attack American diplomats and service members in a rock and throughout the region in a statement the defense department also says general civil money and this cuts forced responsible for the deaths of hundreds of US and coalition service members in orchestrated recent attacks on bases in Iraq one of which killed an American defense contractor the statement goes on the say the United States will continue to take all necessary action to protect our people and our interests wherever they are around the world Dave Rachel Republicans supporting president trump's actions days of the violent protests the damage the US embassy in Iraq Democrats are critical including Joe Biden tuition the following he meaning stole money supported terror and so the chaos none of that negates the fact that this is a hugely Escala Tory moved in an already dangerous region president trump just toss a stick of dynamite into a tinderbox on fox's Todd pyro Grafton Thomas is due back in court today the man accused of attacking a Hanukkah celebration a rabbi's house with a machete last Saturday in months in New York one in five people want so badly the family of yours you may not regain consciousness Thomas charged with attempted murder and federal hate crimes Erica's listening to fox news connected continues with one oh six one F. M. talk north Carolina's Attorney General is appealing the blockage of the state's new voter ID law Josh Steiner announced his decision yesterday but says he won't seek a stay of in junction before the March third primary that means voters won't be required to show a photo ID unless the court of appeals moves quickly on the decision a federal judge officially struck down the law earlier this week Duke energy saying they'll close the remaining nine coal ash basins in North Carolina after reaching a deal with regulators Mike Moore explains Duke energy north Carolina's department of environmental quality and the southern environmental law center made the announcement on Thursday that six of the basins will be excavated with the S. moving to line landfills the plan involves the excavation of almost eighty million tons of ash across six facilities and will bring an end to pending court cases this plan allows Duke energy to leave the aspirations on which facilities on line landfills were built at the Marshall steam station and Terrel and the Roxboro plant the company says the very ash will be left covered and undisturbed hi Mike Moore there were no injuries in a train versus car collision last night in Charlotte C. MPD says the train hit an occupied vehicle that it stalled out on tracks in university city in unusual holed up in Asheville a man is in custody accused of robbing a domino's pizza with a machete and police say that was just the start Curtis Wallace then allegedly locked employees inside an office in freezer and tried to set fire to the place well he failed police arrived he was taken into custody the Carolina hurricanes continue their long home stand they'll take on the Washington Capitals tonight meanwhile the NHL network is reporting Justin Williams could possibly return to the canes line up is a he's been practicing with the team an announcement may come as early as this weekend with continuing news updates from around the state I'm Carl Wilson.

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