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That silver diner dot com slash families. 9 28 traffic. Your mother on the AIDS. Let's go back to Jack and the traffic center. All right. In Maryland, we're moving again on 50. The Bay Bridge going eastbound traffic was temporarily paused. Now they've got the left lane blocked on the Wilson on the on the westbound span. You're gonna run two way traffic on the westbound span. The work is going to be on the eastbound side. Taking the right lane, But she'll maintain two and two through the mid day Now you will find new trouble spot in Bethesda. Sounds like a rescue around fire department activity. Wisconsin Avenue South bound. Sounds like it is closed at Sheldon him Drive with the Fire Department on scene follow their direction. ST Barnabus rode up here Rally wrote in Temple Hill Road. We had a reported crash. It is a water main break in Glen Burnie, closing the South bound lanes of 6 48 being a boulevard headed toward Route three. Sounds like traffic, maybe utilizing the North bound lanes. So it sounds like you're under direction. Utility work in Kensington South bound on Connecticut Avenue near knows Avenue to right lanes there are blocked. An incident at a Hagerstown 70 moving east after 65 Sharpsburg Pike. He got only left lane getting by. Now there's work setting up on the Beltway in Prince George's County on the inner loop leave in Allentown Road toward Branch Avenue. Crew's gonna take away the left lane. We're good on the Beltway in Virginia between Alexandria and McClane. You look great on 95. 3 95 66 Everybody moving well. The new trouble spots in Reston reported to be on South Lakes Drive out near Rich Heights Road. This vehicle may be overturned involved in the crash. A P W new health plan reminds you it's the countdown to better health. You have one week remaining to enroll to enroll. Visit a P w you hp dot com and click open season together Better Health Jack Taylor. W T o P. Traffic. Chuck Bell has our forecast This morning. High clouds were rolling on in today. No rain to worry about on your Thursday or your Thursday night rain chances moving later on into the day tomorrow. Today's high 53 dropping into the thirties to around 40 Tonight We'll be in the low fifties again tomorrow, but No. Friday Sunshine for us and heavy rain likely late Friday.

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