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I vote to reinstate fenix richmond and milwaukee 'em sports cars lime rock connecticut jordan taylor antonio garcia with the overall gt l. m. win in the corvette canada's roman angeles and ross gun and they're racing aston martin taking gt good work their fellow conduct. Jeff kingsley. mario bacher nine thousand. Gt d. in the finishing order in their compass racing acura the rally news presented by the subaru wrx and wrx. Sti the typical sports cars world rally championship rally estonia twenty year old kelly rovan para becomes the youngest winner in world rally championship history for toyota almost a full minute. Better than hyundai's. Craig breen on the gravel youngest before kelly. You always toyota team boss yari. Mati latvala who won in sweden for ford in two thousand eight when he was only twenty to drag racing. Nhra ben demeer colorado. They didn't start the finals until four. Pm eastern and that locks us out of results. We will mop up here next week. Bikes well canadian superbike. Let's finish off season opener at cama. Bogey auto all for city news one on one one. Fm and thirteen am quebec teen sensation. Eighteen year young. Alex duma's swept the weekend. Both wins on. His suzuki tremendous work young man. We're going to get alexander show soon for sure faces in the pits august. last year. We interviewed jeffrey campbell with oral station road course development north of toronto sports net five ninety-two fan. Here's some good news there four k. Track approved by the faa. Hurry they can. I'll go ahead and paver little sidebar at this location. Our partners subaru. Canada had rally champ antoine moustache on the track in the dirt prior to paving doing an event with sport. Driving canada with subaru. Wrx sti we will stay connected as things progress with station. Also keeping our eyes peeled on the new rocky mountain motorsports park facility in carstairs. Alberta were sports net nine. Sixty the fan calgary and coming up on a couple of weeks or pal. Todd lewis is going to update us on the avian r. s. one series that runs area twenty-seven motorsports park and oliver bc for sports net. Six fifty vancouver. We are all over these new facilities as we should be and race. Line congrats. going. To nascar's kyle larson again demonstrating his sprint car. Prowess winning the thirty. Seventh king's royal al. Dora speedway billed as north america's richest sprint car race. And that's it for this week on the race. Wrap your questions opinions comments and headlines and stories of the news openly encouraged on this program. Show you're racing thoughts and opinions on issues in stories with your fellow gear..

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