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Saying out here, but I remember sitting out here with my brother. When David Knight were growing up. We can click couldn't go anywhere in town where people didn't know us didn't know our family. So that was kind of nice. We felt safe. You know, Of course, things have have changed over the years has radically changed. Now I can tell you how deeply saddened and disturbed the people of this community are many of them. Witnessing the unimaginable. A crisis management team will be going door to door to check on those witnesses and neighbors. There will also be a vigil for both victims. Outside of town hall Thursday night. Investigators say the shooting was racially motivated. 28 year old Nathan Allen shot and killed, they say both Green and sergeant Ramona Cooper, both of whom were black after crashing a stolen tractor trailer in Chelsea. An investigation is underway after her car slams into a building overnight to people fleeing from state police. Now, authorities say the two suspects were originally stopped by a trooper. But then they sped off, crashed and fled. Actually, they crashed with another car that car when careening into the side of a liquor store in Chelsea, right on the corner of Williams and Chestnut Street again, the search is on for those suspects. Coming up. A new studies suggest the long jeopardy of the Covid vaccine is a lot longer than we expected. Good news. In other words, we've got that for you right now. 11 03. From longevity. Just long Alright Drive the Subaru Retailers of New England all will dry traffic.

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