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Ed, you or just Google or Bing web. Gazer Dutch AS you can actually do a real time demo, and I would make sure that it's the lights are on. That's all going to say. I got. Yeah. And got to think wearing glasses must complicate things. Like, it's not a trace trivial thing to to track is indeed. But cool. Yeah, it's very cool. So, you know, real time gays prediction on most major browsers. It does self calibration from clicks and cursor movements basically doing that presuming that you're looking where your mouth is point. Yeah. You're is gonna fall your mouse. Exactly. That makes us coupla is a Java script, you got it that whole I tracking thing was really about. What are the hot spots on your site? We'll seeing your ads now that's a great idea. If you can use it in correlation with your pages to sort of map where people's eyes are going. That's a great idea. Yeah. Our friend Kent all stat has a new companies been working on for a while. Now cloud army, which is specifically about applying Niro science to understanding people's behavior. And he and he uses it for market analysis for doing things like understanding whether people care about a brand or recognized packaging things like that. So in rather than serving directly this is actually studying people's. Savior rounded. It's it's complicated. Maybe we should have him on to talk about how we should. But he's big on the eye gazing thing, you think it's where people look it says a lot about what they're actually thinking. Oh, very good. Talk to him about that. All right. So that's what I got. What do you got grabbed come off the show? Fifteen eighty six from October two thousand eighteen we were talking to Patricia asked about reading other people's code, right? I think absolutely correlates with testing and this great comment, which a few months ago comes from one Arnon Axelrod never heard of him. Never heard me. This is great show is always Patricia gives some great tips and techniques for reading someone else's code. However, there's one key thing that I felt was missing for the conversation when you read someone else's code. There should be a reason and go forward, and that this should be kept in mind focusing your efforts and the overall shape of how you go about reading that code, for example, reading old coat of someone who left the company in order to make small change to is radically different from performing code review to a colleague on a new feature. Hey signs that I totally agree and often claim that myself that writing code is primarily a means for communicating between people sometimes between you and your self at some time in the future. And only then a means to program the computer, otherwise, we would just write our programs ones zeros. Yep. Which which true? Yeah. You know, these languages that we use? They're just giving ourselves different ways to express our intent, which certainly the computer correspond to. But also other people reading the cone. Yeah. The thanks Arnon copies. Dako- buys on its way to you. And if you'd like a copy music, oh by write a comment on the website at Donna Iraq's dot com or on Facebook. We publish every show there twice a week. And if you come in there, and we read in the show, we'll send you a copy music. Oh, by and definitely follow us on Twitter. He's at rich Campbell. I'm at Carl Franklin, send us a tweet because we we look at them. So. Yep. Read a comment from our guest. That's right here. He is on an Axelrod. He's a senior consultant and leads the test automated division at Salem group aren't in started coding in the eighties on a spectrum when he was ten and hasn't stopped ever. Since in the last decade specializes in everything related to test automation. And for him everything in the development life cycle is related to test automation. So this includes unit testing integration tests, new I automate automation, tools, including selenium happy spec. Flow and many more the best practices for developing test automation, TD clean, code factoring. Devops agile methodologies and processes.

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