Van crashes through Ross store and into Christmas shoppers


A dozen people were injured last night some of them critically after a get away car smashed through the front of the Ross story in Peoria Kamel's Carly Johnson is there this morning and joins us live hello Greg in Mandeville job at about nine fifteen last night the store here at a hundred and fifty seven ten First Avenue busy with holiday shoppers one of those people inside was a woman shop lifting her get away driver waiting outside in a white van the store of course this past year he makes a run for it jumps again let her get away driver hit the gas hard he struck a vehicle directly in front of the Ross was unoccupied and went straight through the window and into the store passing the registers and ending up near the clothes pile area that is king county sheriff's sergeant Ryan abit in all eleven people hit by that out of control they and the three of them in critical condition including a two year old boy and his forty one year old grandfather the driver of that they had a fifty one year old man in custody for suspicion of DUI what I am particular salt and the woman was arrested you have an outstanding warrants and of course for the shoplifting that occurred here right now we've got a big huge crew of workers to try to shore up the front of the store of course this is the last time of year you want to be shut down there anxious to get back open we have been able to speak with anyone else you're gonna be working the losses anxious to keep us some distance out from the store but again you feel that three people in critical condition from the concert last

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