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Stinson are you know still fighting it so I kind of there is no gold standard test and the it's really expensive just to get the ones that they suggest would not really that great and so I eight yeah okay I didn't do it but he did talk with geneticist got some assistance recently I thought that that's probably hereditary although maybe not you know directly genetics which there is a difference and that made me feel extra close to these dogs detecting ovarian cancer any kind of cancer and that was through what took it over the edge I thought I must find out more about this because this is personal this is a really personal book and so I wanted to mix your really good anecdotes about the dogs who are working both in these research centers and at in the homes of people with other disorders like seizure disorders or diabetes so the book has kind of the home the dog park which is yeah if you're out and then the research dog no I want to make it clear from the get go which you probably radio anyway that these dogs in monocle research centers are mostly pet dogs in DC times you know protect so don't have to I don't think it'll be golden cages and so they're really happy dogs and you know if their paychecks are huge amounts of love and about that their favorite toy or whatever makes them inspired to work so the fact that they're doing this work and possibly saving lives in the future by you know for for about sort of a rubber Kong is you can do it sweet right his name is I'm running over well let's go into just the overview because it's a very thick book with over twenty pages in tiny font of all your sources in a that's that's the yeah that's true that is twenty five for the yeah for the tells me that you know you are a good reporter and and researcher and as we used to say at the sun Sentinel if your mother tells you she loves you check it out and I think you've done that and the idea that yeah but I wanted to just say that you know if you can help our readers out because they're going to buy your book I don't just calling the listeners I'm not ready calm your readers house at all here's my people the book is divided into three parts you want to just kind of give an overview of what the three sections are yeah sure the first part has to do with physical disorders I mean in a way they're all physical source but the ones that that people are dealing with at home so diabetic alert dogs and seizure alert dog and also actually the cancer detection dogs and some dogs who don't specialize so they're kind of like are general practitioners in the human world and I we call them medical dogs so they're doing all kinds of surprising work there's one dog and it's in his dogs are just one off there they've been trained on the scent of the person with their unique disorder which may not even have a name which doctors have no idea what this is there's a young man in southern California he got a puppy who he he trained with the help of a a trainer on with his parents to on the scent of his disorder it was being called some kind of that was that was it they didn't know what it was and they thought it was a strange other thing and so the train the dog on the scent of what he would spit into because our cotton pad content or content every half hour do it will fly the donation put in the freezer and then when he would have a paralysis he with his whole body we're going to process or dystonia where his entire body would cramp up but he couldn't move and he has Ellis Dallas syndrome so his twenty which dislocate all over his body it was horrible when that would occur we keep the sample within the half hour of that occurring for the dog to know the scent of that every time the dog would kind of recognize that the puppy would get cable a little piece of kibble and and it was this happy happy connection and the dog ended up being able to alert ahead of time to every paralysis yeah Rousey's new breeding also heat the dog saved his life on countless occasions and he's had surgery since which has helped tens but the dog still learning and then you know for so many people left I'd be split okay let's action that that's alright in the half hour so but yeah we do a couple more hours yeah yeah this is an yeah yeah the next section is called rare breeds and it's these dogs were doing you know really unusual work and one of them is about hidden hidden enemies and dogs and the hunt for superbugs because as we know they can really affect white populations the commercials which are not our friend and there they are becoming more and more common pathogens like see to Mona's.

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