Protests of Indian law grow despite efforts to contain them


Over the last month or two. We talked a lot about Indian. Prime Minister Narendra Modi's authoritarian -tarian political roots these anti Muslim laws in in rhetoric that he's been spewing In that includes you know annexing. The majority Muslim Kashmir region region it also includes a new law that would create a religious test for individuals who want to become citizens of India so this law says basically every religion but Islam would have a clear path breath to citizenship. But if you're a Muslim you will not. It comes on top of an effort for citizens in northeastern India to prove their citizenship or they get basically sent to a concentration camp or deported reported. So if you combine those two efforts right you could strip a bunch of people from Northeastern India of citizenship and provide the non Muslims away to to regain that citizenship. But you basically exiling all these Muslims would super fucked up So these laws set off a wave of protests and the government. Crackdown crackdown hard. I don't know if you've looked on twitter but there are tons of videos of protesters being beaten the reports of protesters being killed. I mean you can see police shooting. Tear your gas and Flashbang grenades into a college library And it reminded me a lot benefit footage of the students in Hong Kong. So you know. Modi's out there appealing for calm. He says this lies Isan designed to target Muslims. But let's be honest that's bullshit so again. This feels like a serious growing problem of nationalism. In India it's existed justed forever but it's clearly exacerbated by mody in this last election and now they're response is not surprisingly turning violent Especially when police police are beating people with sticks and clubs and you know worse so it just this is disconcerting. Yeah and you know he's tapping tapping into and we should underscore Modi is quite popular right. So this isn't the case of some guy using minority rule to impose US agenda you you know. I think what he's tapping into the or these kind of hindu-nationalist Sentiments in the country. Some of which have been harnessed by Modena's party of years some which have kind of been under the surface. And now this is all the forefront and I think the reason it does remind you Hong Kong or impart the tactics but also you know the sense like we talked with Hong Kong for Indian Muslims. This must feel fairly existential It must feel like The country you're living in is about to pass some point of no return where You feel like a second class citizen if that In so people despite the risks risks are protesting And and being met with this kind of force and and I think what this does show is in a lot of these societies around the world. Brexit Hong Kong India and frankly this year in our election next year people have a sense of the stakes involved And in that can lead to some serious. Tensions within

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