Genesis Invitational Preview with Geoff Shackelford


Are we are here at Riviera Country Club at genesis invitational all the newly named Invitational Status We're like what thirty thirty five steps from the Hogan Statue with a very important man. We don't have Mr Hogan in here sitting with us but Geoff Shackelford is here. He has a ton of history here at Riviera Country Club. What I WANNA know is in the La Dolf power rankings whereas Geoff Shackelford? George kisses up there now. He's high we continue to include. It's not if they're on the list I'm not on. The list is Tiger California Golfer at this point Scott a deserted us but coming back to host the genesis I think gets him back in full Full status on the list La I don't know he's more of an Orange County guy but but we're very happy to have you on on Martin. Yes he's moved to. So yeah I'm doing well network so like I said you have a ton of history here and you wrote the history book here. What is probably most interesting to me is like where does your history begin? Where like you have been around this place for for your entire life? You still live view very close. So where does all begin for you. Here you know I was very lucky my Dad was in the Gulf business and he joined here when I was about fifteen about several sixteen and so I got to play the course a lot. It was crazy place at that time. It was a public off-course of course essentially it was very busy but we would have to put our name on a board and wait two hours to get out now. They do like twenty five thousand rounds a year and it's ultra private yeah So it was is a Just a great way to kind of I was always interested in course design and history and obviously being here. And then you start kind of off Absorbing who's walked these grounds and every great American Golfer has has played including Bobby Jones and didn't really like the course it probably. It seems it was too hard to him when it opened. He made a comment. And there's a picture of him and his hairs you know. His hair was never out of place and he's just looks like he's been in a timely dyslexia commensurable and it's in our history book. I loved that photo because it was like. Oh well that that matched his quote and his only beef was of course was too hard but then he go through. You know. Nicholas didn't win in here but he got close and then every other great player probably in in the upper echelons has one here except tiger. And Jack Jack. Isn't that crazy. It's it's nuts 'cause it's generally rewarded. Great players and Jack came so close Momeni many times I mean the PGA the senior open L. A. Opens. It's kind of it's kind of like tiger. Tiger hasn't played here as much right. Yes played thirteen times Yaldo now hard on himself. He's made it like this is going to be one of the strongest longest fields in the entire year. He has made it more difficult decided to ignore the event during the like real real prime of his career. He did. He had reasons. The Greens weren't as good back. Then and you know how he feels about POA so that was part of it and then he had a bad experience here. Two thousand six where he played he was a little under under the weather? Steve Williams did not pack an umbrella and we had a surprise rain radar quite even then like we have now our forecasting like we have now which is amazing to think that was only thirteen years ago. Yeah gets wet gets more sick and then he was staying the east of the golf course which you don't do. The one negative of this tournament were staying West. You're staying West which I asked Dylan quickly Early on in in these discussions laying the groundwork for this this seminal podcast recording That you do not stay east of the course. And for whatever reason he was and he got caught It's the worst time of year. There's just everybody's working Hollywood's worrying every school's in session. Yeah and he got stuck in like an hour and a half track just to get to the four oh five. I was in eighth grade at this point so he did not come back after that and I actually asked him the first year he was coming back in involved in this I said you you are staying West. Gov Corsini laughed and he goes so he learned his lesson anyway but but to my story here so I just fell in love with the history and Emmy it's as historic course as there is in the United States just in terms of the people who've been here the architecture the movie stars Yeah we just had the Oscars last night. Yeah and everything about this place has just been nuts in terms of the history and then the location. I mean you guys do win the award for the best podcast location mile eighteenth with the ocean view and yeah. It's pretty sincere water. We can see number ten. This is my first time at revere. My first time seeing number ten in their Saints Saints Tenth. It should be interesting. We've got a downpour yesterday. So I'm glad though it it's been very cold here and when it gets cold. Green gets little borderline these two of the best of holds the PGA tour in near optimum. Or do you not feel that way. Yeah Oh yeah absolutely I mean. I have some conflicted feelings about the tenth of late as a lot of the players who it has been getting a little border line tricky. That's why I said it was nicer to rain yesterday because when the green gets pushing like thirteen and a half can get a little goofy and then yeah eighteen means. It's it's it's kind of bizarre hole and a lot of ways because tough the bunkers don't really mean much it's a blind tee. Shot is not much around the green and yet everybody everybody loves it. It's near the bunkers. Now they're only play for a bad golfer in. Yeah yeah they're they're there for looks more than anything so it's it's kind of bizarre finish and yet over the years it's produced all these great moments and the amphitheater I think is the thing that you just can't grasp on television. There's nothing like golf because it's it's not only is it able to host a lot of people but it's vertical and and the noise when there's a moment there is. There's nothing like getting golf because it's so vertical so on top of the green that it's just that's why so many people love to sit there on Sunday. How long does it take you to write in research research and do all the work for a course history like this place? I mean that has to take you countless weeks. Yeah I was really lucky. It was fi out a full year to work on it. I propose that after college when I realized I couldn't play over you I was twenty three ten and They had the PGA coming up and they wanted to do something. And so I- proposed it. And I had some great help from older members and Jim Murray wrote the foreword the Great La Times on this show who I got to know during the Greens project project here. which really got me interested in golf? Course design okay He wrote a wonderful forward about the course so that was an incredible and on the twenty three year. Old doing this work. I like anything I showed my passion for it and my interest. You know when you get older and you meet people who are younger. Who who appreciate history St Tell You you can tell you can see it and you want to help them? So I've kind of become the same way with people have shown interest in golf history and yeah So there are a lot of incredible. The people around here at the time and the owner is very passionate about the history and the as he should be because the more you tell the story of this place the more you realize holy cow now. There's nothing quite like Riviera in American golf in terms of again not just tournament history architecture. Then you have the added element of of celebrity and I'm that just just And then just having so many events here and the Events Higher Olympics twenty twenty eight so yeah it's got Everything coming here. Yeah I did know some of those stories. Because you know we can get kind of East Coast centric you can get Florida's centric when it comes to PGA Tour especially you know half the top twenty living in Jupiter Ram what is it about La Golf. That is different and do you have any of these favorite Brit stories about celebrities playing the game playing at these clubs around here. It's an odd town town. I have no problem. Yeah confessing passing that. It's not America's greatest city. Yeah for a couple of reasons. the the exclusive clubs are very exclusive on. The beauty of Riviera's is that it does open. Its doors to turnament so we all get to come and enjoy at once a year with the greatest players in the world. That's nice which you don't always get La Country Club is going to host the US Open in a few years. That's incredible Again knowing their history but we have we have an odd dichotomy of these elite gray golf courses uses and then the public of course seen isn't great the city of La isn't so hot in the way they maintain the courses and they've Kinda let them go and we have we have the the facilities are just like a lot of cities. Is there more. I mean we have a homeless problem. So it's like how can you be spending money. It's tough so and they have a lot of layers. So it's it's a weird city in that sense not a lot of places to hit balls. And yet you go to Rancho Park and just like places back east amazing characters It's pretty used to produce a lot of really good golfers. And they're always characters on the range just hitting balls and Studio City Range. She's to be famous for the celebrities. Who went there probably still go there although it's not long for this world so it's a it's a weird town that way and then obviously stars and that was one of the fun things going back to the to your question the book Just stuff like that. Humphrey Bogart used to you. Know hear it on the broadcasts become become almost a drinking game you know. He's the love the just get completely sauced out there on the twelfth leaning against that tree and Jim Murray was wanted always sitting there so he'd ride about it and that kind of how passed along But there are you know we have a it's interesting because the celebrity L. Minute Riviera Kinda started more with the Polo Club. Okay which is where. You'll be parking this week. Paul Revere Junior high well. Let's it's only Monday makes somebody mad. You may see me on the middle school show. The Riviera really struggle like a lot of clubs in the thirties with with golf because the depression but the Polo Club was the place to be. I mean it would. They had a Sunday Polo game Or match and and Clark Gable will rogers was kind of a host Just the double. Douglas Fairbanks Mary. Pickford all these uh-huh that's the biggest celebrities of the day and that kind of kept everything going the Polo Lounge the Beverly Hills hotel famous restaurant and bars called the Polo Lounge. Because that's that's where they went after the Polo but I mean they used to get big crowds for it. It was the thing that kind of kept all this going. So it's funny. How when you look at the history of the place you think Riviera and they had these great tournaments in the late twenties golf then? The depression Paulo. The Khanna kept it going whereas other places struggle.

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