If a Bernie Sanders Elizabeth


At the people who say Jeez if a Bernie Sanders Elizabeth Warren take over this country the market's headed for disaster well but a year ago we were also told there is going to be a you know a recession and and that never happened so full that that's also but that's an interesting point mathematically because if the this is the easiest way to learn the stock market ready free lesson from Chris on on the on the card in the harbor shelled go breathes deeply as you can get to the top of your breath take a pause and then try again to deep breather and usually you can you can get a few deeper breaths but eventually you have to exhale that's how the market works you can only hold guided me really had to do it Frankie gonna pass out on me so let's think this through for minutes five enough the first five is more the market goes up and the market goes down in hills on it exhales it rarely just crashes out of the clear blue sky right terrorism like two thousand one for example can can create that offend but it's not going to change overnight did trump help tremendously in terms of corporate growth because of tax policy and terror for foreman trade yeah he did if

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