Kausar Hussain, Co-Founder of Untamed Borders, on Visiting Pakistan and Afghanistan


Are going to have a brief conversation with Coser Hussein. One of the founders of untamed borders in the we guide in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Cows are welcome to counting countries. Displease tell me a little bit about yourself. Hi I'm saying. I'm the CO founder unto borders of Fixer and journalist addicted to green tea addicted to green. Not Okay I enjoy good. Glass of tea is law and you mentioned untamed borders. Tell me a little bit about your role there. I'm the head guy responsible for both Pakistan and Afghanistan onto borders specializes in bringing travels to challenging destinations like Somalia Yemen Iraq and Syria case some very popular opt or destinations for people who are chasing one ninety three and then some What's talk about Pakistan Forbid Pakistan Astana is making some great strides and improving the tourism situation. They switched to so it went from one of the most difficult visas to becoming coming up pretty straightforward visa. So one more reason to visit this country another challenge that's been Hurting Pakistan's understands tourism is the Security Situation Sofi can Kausar what's the security situation like now impacts there will were the last five years a skewed acuity situation has improved. Dramatically government has made a major commitment and effort and stabilizing the country over the last several years through military operations and community outreach reach today the majority of the country stable and safe with the exception of dry Blazevic domain challenging. That's great to hear for travelers as well goes for all the people of Pakistan That the government is making having some great success in that area There's a lot to seem Pakistan stand but other what a tourist buxton is current currently untouched by tourism. You can visit magnificent landmark and and lend marks and sometimes the only tourists so for instance. I wasn't Rotas Ford which is a UNICYCLE Site last week and I brought a client. He was literally the only person there for those of people Tired of mass tourism and over tourism really breath of fresh air to go visit Pakistan and having the opportunity to sometimes have an entire landmark monument to yourself There's a lot to seem Pakistan. What's touch on a a couple of different places? Taxila has a real interesting history. Tell me about Taxila which is near Islamabad. Dickson is a great site Pakistan and Decide and Buxton. It has been a learning seat in the Boston. There was a lot of decides to visit so a lots so Buddhist tourists and people who have deep interest in the apology. There was this great Site another place high. On many people's list it's wanted the ultimate road journeys is the Karakoram Highway. Will Karakoram. Highway is often described by the Pakistanis. As the wonder under up the word and it's a great site And one gets but he's spectacular scenic and touching on CNN. Reenact one place on the care. Comb that I'm aware of which is really beautiful is fairy meadows yet. The mighty Nanga Burr. But which is often also known known as a killer killer mountain has some great views from the highway. And it's pretty fun place to reach. You have to go on in a four-wheel jeep for about ninety minutes on the edge of a mountain and then you hike an additional three hours to get your hotel so really a special place to visit one other place which is unique and interesting and fascinating where you're from push our. Was it like to visit a shower as probably a in February and it is often As the parasol students showers such a crate frontier city that which has a great historical As well as the CD's amazing and there is a lot to see The the lifestyle and to see to see in the cut of They have T- that the hundred seventy or got have DNC. The light goes bites such as amazing site x amazing city. The I think the best thing about per shower at at some level is a combination of hospitality in just the people watching hospitality is actually headey job People okay so let's let's cut to the chase. There's a you know. There's a lot of providers out there. Why should people choose untamed borders? Here's when visiting Pakistan Lick me. Give you an example. For example. Lahore has some amazing sights. And you can see you can see them listed on tripadvisor. These are places. Let's is in Lahore like bud. Shy Mosque royle for and John Gives Muslim and he tour guide can bring you there with twenty years experience of being a fixer. An generalist a bit twenty years with twenty years experience of being a fixer for journalists and a guide for travelers. I know the off the beaten path places to take take them to so for instance in the whole I take two truck painting art which is a highlight of highlight traditional wrestling street doctors in the Old City trump. A Fight Haircut okay. Woods afire haircut. It is the latest trend for young men in the whole year. Barbara actually lights the person's hair on fire and cuts the hair. You got to see to believe it. Okay and how do you house. UNTAMED BORDERS OPERATE in Pakistan. You guys offering group tours. Oh yes we do have Groped towards we have this two weeks It'd be a magnificent trip which starts in Islamabad and the highlights on their trips are collage with is the Pagan tribes and the Highway K.. And you can check. UNTAMED BORDERS website for more information on their group tours. Okay so what happens if those dates don't work for me or I like traveling by myself. Do you offer individual customized bespoke tours. Yes we do all arranger Individual as well as bespoke drips producer. WHO's USA who's gone come on the FX debts so we can for the mayor independent a weekly for them to private trips awesome?

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