The Best Places To Retire Abroad In 2020


Are some of the best places to retire comma internationally. This this show has an international flavor favor to it. I did some very extensive Internet searches and research this for at least thirty minutes today. Yeah good for you. It's been a tough week. I'll be honest. The show did not take a priority and the other things I was doing but whenever the pasta the pasta gets meat or sausage. The what ever really. I'm also hungry all right. So let's start in investor. pedia looked at the cost of living index and the global peace index to determine airman the cheapest and safest places to retire so if not spending a lot of money and not getting stabbed is high on your list of retirement goals goals then let countdown. The top. Three number three was Czech Republic. And if you WANNA do this get in now because right now now Czech Republic only has about six thousand American ex pats there at the moment so it turns out. Czech Republic is very safe and pretty cheap to live in beautiful. Absolutely I've never ever been. I would love to go. They have a lot of castles apparently so progress beautiful but even some of the outlying at Karlovy vary which is old spa town gorgeous okay. Let's see all right the segments. We decided we're going to Czech Republic. Well the point is if you WANNA go like. Now's the time to think about doing 'cause it's apparently not many people thought about it yet. All right number two Australia invested pedia suggests that you can retire on two hundred thousand dollars in savings and social security in Australia because of the cost of living. Although I'm pretty sure anyone who's listening to this in Sydney just spat they're flat white out for surprise because I think I think maybe they're thinking yes Australia. If you'RE GONNA live way out in the Bush and not in like a town and kind of a big place that's that's a bold claim their kerchove right. It's fine all right and then so the number one place for cheap and safe to retire. Is Austria dubbed dubbed the Swiss Alternative Austria offers the beauty of Switzerland excellent infrastructure and a high living standard but enterprise. That's easier on the budget budget. So you get Switzerland at Austrian prices especially if you're you fans of the sound of music is beautiful. You could save money by making enclose out of curtains. Let's go hey. Another sound of music reference topical. All right well. What if you're flush with money because you invested so wisely with the Motley Fool's advice well? US News and World Report put together their list of where a fluent people should consider retiring abroad. Number three was yeah. Why settle for Austria when you can have Switzerland yes? The real thing came in at number three because of its favorable taxes neutrality ability and all that other goods Swiss stuff number two was interestingly enough on their list Australia because it has everything. It's a place for fluid people and the cash strapped so in this case US News I think was more focusing on the city's and how nice it is to live in Australia. Yeah I told you. This was not a lot of tough research. That was done. I don't think on anyone's part really mine or who. I'm citing Australia's a really big place. Yeah we got options and the number one place that. US News reports said that a fluent people should consider retiring from America for the the fourth consecutive year. new-zealand came in at number one for comfortable retirement. I've never been you've been rick. No stop on my bucket doc. Id List though we get well and there could be where you kick the bucket all right. Well what about the best overall place to retire. International Living Living magazine compiles their annual list based on the journalists and editors that they have on the ground international countries and what they have to say number three Costa Rica which is also known as it. I'm not making this up. Switzerland of Central America. Not everyone is deal is Switzerland but it was just kept coming up in my research So a couple can live comfortably on two thousand dollars a month. In Costa Rica Apparently Bentley Costa Ricans are very nice people. There's lots of activities and a lovely climate. I've been to Costa Rica. So here's a good piece of advice. I got about traveling around Costa Rica. Maybe it applies to the rest rest of the world. Say Yes Costa Ricans are Nice people But you can judge the friendliness of town by how friendly. They're stray dogs are so if you enter a town and the stray dogs are not friendly. Then you should move onto another town in. Costa Rica never heard before though right because if the dogs are are mean and scared and it's probably because the people around them aren't being nice to them and so don't they also have monkey's running around Costa Rica. Yeah howler monkeys howler monkeys when we visited. Is that top on your list. I need to make a list of the top countries to retire. That have monkey. We're actually thinking of going there. So that's one of the things. My kids like what it could go place with our monkeys running around so selling point. There's a volcano. We saw lava insane all right number two from international living's list of the best places to retire Panama so Panama One last year overall. But this year it's in second place. I just three hours by plane for Miami. You can rent an ocean view condo for as little as fifteen hundred a month in the cosmopolitan city of Panama City. Healthcare there is solid Alad and their program discounts is made available to retirees. And it means you get like twenty five percents off your energy bills and airline tickets and just lots of other stuff off so Panama. I've never thought about going to Panama. And it's good thing you bring healthcare because this is an emerging trend where people retire overseas. Because you can't live very decent lifestyle. This is a much lower cost than would have in the US but it's important to know that Medicare does not cover any sort of healthcare services outside of the US now in places like Panama. Ah The healthcare is so cheap that you're still fine but just know that if you have major surgery a lot of times these people have to fly back to the. US wanted covered by Medicare all right and the number one place to live a court to retire. According to international living is Portugal. A dear friend of ours here at the full just is retired Portugal. Peter so I will say their methodology here they only looked at twenty four countries And this website really has a thing for Portugal so why is number. Why did they pick Portugal? The number one place to retire. Well they say it's very affordable the client the climate is delightful. Healthcare is good. Food is good history retuns of things to do etc.. It's all great but they said the best part is that it's the people because they're very welcoming to foreigners and just it's a great place to make friends it's on the third safest country in the world the second cheapest in Europe while and a couple can live a comfortable lifestyle for about twenty five hundred dollars a month or if you're living in the city. Yeah but they're you know so those are some of the places I've found. I considered to retire to you excited. I am excited. Yeah there are lots of people who live very exciting retirement on less than thirty thousand dollars a year by living all over the world.

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