Most feel good about the economy but not the state of the country


The president must be brought to heel the nation must be safe I guess the nation must be safe from the lowest unemployment from nineteen sixty nine and the addition of thirteen trillion dollars to the economy I guess we have to save America from that somebody who can help explain what is the logic of the political elites today is perhaps one of the greatest writers we have today a classicist in his own right senior fellow at the Hoover Institution you've seen him almost every night on television he is professor Victor Davis Hanson professor welcome to America first thank you grab the bastion I'm you've written a piece of the fabulous website American greatness called top get trump forever having read it it raised in me a very simple question I see the president's defense team doing sterling work this week we have fabulous America's scholars such as Alan Dershowitz we have former especial councils like Kenneth Starr who have given very solid lectures lectures I would've enjoyed in graduate school very professorial very fact based the history of impeachment and I thought to myself why is there anything that the president's defense team could say that would change the minds of those who wish to remove the duty elected president from the White House are only for the fact that there's four five senators are there is maybe thirty or forty house members who are you know they have been aware of political reality and are in need of states are congressional district don't wanna can put a cold from the congressional district I put my fault publican lost in a Democrat one Republican is one name is way ahead poll hello I I think that's the only thing it's not about actual crimes it's for a variety of one complex reasoning across town wait until November because I take very agreed upon probably blooms Alexian inn for about eight years of the progressive project pretty much junk for generations and they're just not just one tap on powerful so we go to all these **** drummer do not moment calls twenty nine month Michael Kohn Michael I'm not a tax returns impeachment you were just never yonder worn out because the outlook the alternative Sebastian I guess it's Bernie Sanders on the stone for the new green beer or revelations are apologize for young speech by a little more we don't have much our angle control of the catastrophic miscalculation the ball could be able to stay home and I love should clue without thank you hello they may get and then when I got to lose they're not they called while com there do what we did and how it's gonna be bipartisan and you go do whatever we want the United and they will come and get you look knowledge just giving a call out the kitchen sink speeches always been practical moves on on and I'll talk to quit cold cold creams and broadly our public schools the abuse of power right in Congress but that didn't go anywhere and then made a really crowd because your mistake and betting everything on Adam shell because the more you hear in the less you like it he appeared on the number you can't tell the truth and he's been caught so many cons non and I don't think they want I really don't think they want because I think they want to end on Friday and then say it's really a good we did get a chance to call witnesses but the downside I don't think Adam Schiff wants to go up there on the old and then have the whistle blower band on all give Mary versions of how this functionality because are not compatible with talking to press a Victor Davis Hanson of the Hoover Institution all for all of of the case for trump you need to read this book you you built your career as a historian historian of military history of of of the ancient civilizations of of the Greeks this is the bedrock of western civilization then let me ask you a very simple question that is my concern there is this theory of of social contract that there there are written and unwritten ways of doing business and and and western civilization is built upon them if one of the two parties in the system not a fringe party not the Libertarian Party not not Ross Perot but one of the two party says that we will impeach the president because we count we in the at the ballot box isn't that the shredding of the social contract or even the original call product on which the Republic was founded what what does this do on the long term for the United States professor Hanson well I think if you read our federal sixty five and sixty circle how we can serve them and other essays at the time about impeachment I thought it would be very where very hard to do that's one name that tune because you have to have it how old six separate crafter and they didn't think it looks to be the opposite they didn't envision that some of the opposition party trickle of the house would be a European Parliament terrible but not that's what it's become and there's a lot of Republicans we believe the appropriate approach doesn't want the Democrats so I imagine that the next time we have a democratic president and there are any legal gonna consider doing that because it's now going to be the most off the laundry vintage one as we know it doesn't exist anymore it's been transmog apart in the dictionary yeah but hi this is the way it is and remember we have no special counsel report no bipartisan support you have no public support need this approach currently W. peaks of the nineteenth century of course come president and will premiere Alexian it was just awesome we have in the basement we are not in the house Judiciary buttonholes intelligence committee to selectively things by Alan ship so we just it's just patently dishonest asymmetrical one and I think they're gonna pay a price for me home is on his way to a seventy nineteen seventy two or nineteen eighty four reelection well that's exactly the mangled that's exactly the next question I wanted to see professor if if nothing else exogenous happens if there's no massive external crisis if the economy state keeps going the way it's going and the president is reelected in two hundred and seventy seven days what do you expect the effect to be the knock on effect on these people will will live suddenly be Damascene moment where they say okay we got it wrong way sorry the media the left and will behave ourselves could it get worse and and really how could it get worse well here is the story we just have to ask what did they do after seventy two when they got the winner should not my government a surgeon on both the Compaq we never we haven't won since JFK and us you have a democratic guy with a southern accent DJ can you call the right and unions kind of a central St eighty four the left four my gosh school's out and they did it again with the caucus and then they they didn't do it again I got a guy with a southern accent so I think they'll be a lot of people who say the A. L. C. when school's out and you want to let you wrecked the blue dogs but I don't I'm not sure the demography and the changing twenty first century landscape allow that to happen the Democratic Party is so the Jacobin party control no quality and I don't know if they they kind of extinguisher liquidate all of the people want in all single barrelled omegle dinosaur the nominee list anymore and the people in there a light might exist like Bloomberg S. inviting has been scouring the exits images from renouncing or the prior cell because I don't know if there's anybody left the use of the for a different one with her late and have to come and say you guys destroyed the Democratic Party it's kind of a lot of one whether the Republicans take the house of course Brian's got fifty fifty chance of doing ten cameras on them as well can a pragmatist with a southern accent save the Democrats about trounced this November we shall see first we have to win the election those who believe in the make America great again agenda with talk to professor Victor Davis Hanson senior fellow at the Hoover Institution and the author of the case for trump will be back with a good professor in a

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