N.F.L. Declines to Suspend Tyreek Hill After Domestic Violence Investigation

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The Kansas City chiefs have dealt with domestic violence with a few different players. But without a doubt right now the most prominent is star wide receiver tyreek Hill. I can you tell me about tyreek hill as a player and what he brings to the chiefs. Offense tyreek Hill is one. One is the most dynamic exciting explosive most fun to watch players in the NFL. He's very small wide receiver. If you were to Stanek some at the grocery store you wouldn't look at the sky and say wow he's an NFL player but when you get them on the football field key is arguably faster than anybody anybody else in the NFL. What he's able to do when he gets the ball in his hands and space weather? That's catching a pass from Patrick mahomes down the middle of the field. The Thai Rico. Taking jet sweep out of the backfield or catching a punt or kickoff return kill to the outside electrify in for the touchdown. He's one of the most exciting players in the NFL and he's expected to play a major role in the super bowl on on Sunday Probably being guarded by Richard Sherman. Can you describe what the matchup with the niners is GonNa look like yet. It should be a really great matchup between tyreek Hill and Richard Chairman. Who is the star? Cornerback for the San Francisco. Forty niners and one of the most interesting XS. and Os schematic thing. That's going on right now. Is How the chiefs are GonNa find ways to get tyreek hill away from Richard Sherman. Because they don't WanNa throw against Richard Sherman so the goal will be to find ways to get the ball to tyreek hill. Line him up in different places get him the ball and creative ways so that. They're not putting him in one on one situations against one of the best. quarterbacks and football tyreek hill was making headlines even before he ever played a single. NFL Game. Can you tell us about his college career and the incident that happened in December of two thousand fourteen yes tyreek hill kind of had a winding college football journey. He actually started at a community college and Kansas before enrolling at Oklahoma state and in his first year at Oklahoma state in two thousand fourteen he became a star immediately really because of his ridiculous speed his strength as a special teams players apart. returner this but late. In his only a year at Oklahoma state he was arrested and accused of domestic violence in an incident with his girlfriend who is twenty years old at the time and he was accused of Punching Ching her choking her and also punching her in the stomach while she was pregnant. tyreek hill was brought here to the pain county jail. His arrest comes just one week after for he was the hero of the bedlam game. So is arrest on the charge and almost immediately was dismissed from the Oklahoma State football team. He pleaded guilty into this domestic violence. Charge in addition to a battery charge and he was sentenced to three years probation. He was also instructed to go to anger management counseling to undergo domestic violence counseling. Although he was never sentenced to jail time He was able to continue his college football career when he enrolled at the university. I see of West Alabama. That's a division two school and then in April of two thousand sixteen sixty fifth in the two thousand sixteen. NFL draft against it achieves slack. Sorry Cal Wide Receiver West Alabama so it was a surprise. Actually that tyreek Hill was drafted because in in two thousand sixteen. We were still not that far removed from the Ray Rice scandal and you know tyreek Hill at kind of become kind of a poster child for a guy who got in trouble while in college in he. He was seen as one of those type of guys whose character red flags made him undrafted. He's had some issues domestic violence issue that that frankly frankly I thought might keep him from being drafted. This guy has blazing speed but the Kansas City chiefs went ahead and drafted him anyways. They drafted him in the fifth round in large part because of his forty or dash ty which was four point two nine seconds which is elite speed one of the fastest times that at any NFL players have run in years and what the reaction when he's drafted. It was pretty negative. We have to remember that. The Kansas City chiefs went through one of the most horrific horrific incidents in recent. NFL history in two thousand twelve. When one of their players linebacker named Jovan belcher killed his girlfriend and then committed suicide right in the parking lot of the chiefs training facility belcher turned one of those guns on Perkins reportedly shooting her nine times at the home? The couple shared with their three month Old Daughter the child was spared. This is a wound that was still very raw in the Kansas City community. You know very tragic senseless murder suicide aside and here the chiefs are drafting tyreek Hill player. who had pleaded guilty to very violent crime against his pregnant pregnant girlfriend and so it was? It was largely negative response especially from from female fans from the survivor community. I find that really frustrating that We're still holding up these celebrities As you know oh working on things things are getting better. We don't know what she's going through. And it's important to note that when Giovane Belcher thing happened Andy. Reid was not the head coach of the chiefs yet but he was tyreek Hill was drafted. And what's the response from from. I'm Andy Reid and from the chiefs front office when they start to see some of this backlash you know. The immediately held a press conference and tried to talk about all of the work that they had done into studying tyreek hill. Well we have our due diligence. We're regards to fooling vetting. Each one of our draft class members. They spoke to WHO His coaches and they also spoke to the prosecutors from Oklahoma in the domestic violence case and they said all right we. We believe that this guy i. I won't get in trouble again before given the opportunity for a second chancellor on the right things and so he's he's been in counseling. Continue to be in counseling. We've got a great support system here for that and that he would be a model citizen and largely for his first couple of years in Kansas City he was and despite this pushback that they're getting from fans both in Kansas City and across the country Tyreek Hill remains on the chiefs after after. He's drafted and he starts this season as punt returner. How does his rookie season go? Spectacularly from football perspective the open field. He's they're gonNA take special chance to sit in started out as kind of a wide receiver. Who is kind of buried on the Dutch art? But he was their primary punt returner and within a couple months of his rookie year. If you went to a game at Arrowhead you would see fans wearing that number ten tyreek Hill Jersey and every time that he would go back to catch a punt. You would hear in unison. Fans at Arrowhead stadium chanting tie wreak tie reek and he would feed off of it. The crowd would feed off of this energy. And you know. It didn't take long before. He became one of the most beloved players on the chiefs roster because of his football prowess and in spite of the ugly history that he had coming into the NFL and in the next few seasons go after the two thousand sixteen season so as far as football it only continued to get better for tyreek hill so as a rookie. He was primarily early. A special teams player. You know we mostly just saw him returning punts and doing a fantastic job of that. He was an all pro his rookie year. But you know after that first season he became the chiefs number one wide receiver. They moved him from a special teams roll into a role where he was going to be a major part of their offense and he handled that Smith winds up getting Franch Kansas City. He exceeded everybody's expectations as a wide receiver. She became at that point. The most important piece in the chiefs offense and then in March of last year tyreek Hill is back in the news with new allegations of child abuse. tyree kills three year. Old Son suffered a broken arm in March of Twenty nineteen. And how this this child broke his arm. That is the big question and that was what investigators in Kansas where tyreek hill his fiancee. The mother of his son were living living and ultimately nobody has determined how the child suffered this broken arm in April after about a month of investigation the district attorney in Johnson County. Kansas Released a statement that while he believed a crime had been committed they did not have evidence that can conclude Who who the perpetrator was? So that meant that it could have been tyreek hill. It could have been his fiancee. It could have been a caregiver a short time later. The case from a criminal perspective respective was ruled inactive the NFL's investigation and the Department of Children Family Services. Their investigations continued however and then the day after the district attorney in Kansas declines to press charges audio between Hill and his fiancee is released. What you'd rather him somehow or he fell one of the two? Then why does say deputy. Why Oh and just to clarify for listeners? Be Fiance Crystal. That he's talking to on this recording is the same woman that he pled guilty to abusing in college. Yes initially in April liberal part of this audio recording released and it was very damaging to tyree count. You could hear tyreek Hill could parading his fiancee. You know using threatening language is terrified of you and you say that he respects you but it's not it's not respect it's terrifying. He is terra of we need to be terrified of and the immediate reaction to that in the media from from kind of within the NFL world was how could they not charge him. After this month's later the full audio recording was released which you know didn't didn't necessarily tyreek Hill in a better light but it kind of even out the conversation a little bit reports he wrote. And if you want to rewind that night we can rewind that night to my house and pick you up and slam you know picked up and put out on my door and after that you've built bruises come from tyree waited the bruises. Come Out I'm asking. Where did the bruises come out to hit Youtube? You too and it was full audio recording that I believe is really the key piece of evidence for the NFL that led the NFL to their decision. To not ultimately punished honest. I recall after this investigation.

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