Blue Carpets at Christmas - burst 30


The prompter in front of us is. It was right there as we were coming in. Just in case you forgot what it was. Cold tell us a little bit about how array has changed and also like how you've changed you've been playing this character for a good chunk of time and you kind of grew up playing it. Are there any parallels between how the two of you grew. I think I feel Komo confident like I feel more like you know in my centered in my body. I guess she feels a bit more confident. It's been like a life imitation imitating the thing I know so when. Jj read the fourth way kittens. He'd already written the script with Larry. But what we were doing helped along and I would say that probably happened a bit and this is still incredibly earnest. Yes yeah that is what we love about her Is there anything. Now that this is wrapping up ending that that you would like to say to the fans or the audience as we go into this final night here I would say that in this dark and divisive time in the world films like this. Really Mata- aw saw was has matter to people for two years. I think there's a reason it's endured and we really hope that everybody feels good leaving this film and and maybe when you leave the third or why don't you talk to the next year. Say Hi you know. That's the moment connection. Daisy thank you so much wonderful to see you income.

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