Derby season breaks fast


Many of the horses that are Derby hopefuls are getting ready to embark upon that road to Churchill downs. Chance at doing. Just that later today in the Macho Macho showman for our good friend. That's trainer Saffy. Joseph Junior who is with me now here on the Horse Racing Radio Network Saffy. Good morning it might Good how about that call chance it big big win. Last time out he was that was the first time going to turns. And obviously the right way the way you want to do it and hopefully they can have a repeat performance about today. Yeah what makes him so impressive to you saffy. If he just carries himself watch him breezing work and he just he has a different going. I don't know that this guy just almost like he votes oats and doesn't seem very rarely. Do we begin to blow even worked some quick times and you never really young to blow. It is a good thing means that uh normally you. You've got a lot more stuff. What of the past couple of months been like for him? He hasn't been out since that win. On September twenty eighth. So what did they been like for him. Yeah initially ever had decided to skip the British back off them. Then we're we had thought about going to the Jockey Club and he got AH virus. I missed it a long time so it changed I mean we wrote it to the race. Remedying the springboard mile but they had to quarantine and we wrong to that race with two Corinthian run homerun allowed to go. 'cause we wouldn't be able to come go stream so then. The next plan was the Moocher match marriage right now. Eastern forty cents seems to be in good form orm looks well and obviously coming off layoffs. I'm facing there's some there's some quality and also that's never know how tight you have them. What we think we got him? Yeah every year when we start seeing the newly turn three year olds make their their first start of the new season we hear that the adage that you know those couple of months from say September October to January can be huge in terms of the physical and the mental all development for these young horses. So compare what you see from chance it today on January fourth compared to what you saw back at the end of September definitely much more relaxed and his works before he wanted to go go now we. We've been giving them targets and he'll he'll sit back and he'll wait for the Q.. And you'll go times go. That's an attribute that he needs to. You'll need to how as a racist got software needs to relaxing and listening to the right around the right asking for that Cinco. Fleeing the writer wants to go so I think that's the biggest developmentally show before early in his career. He playful you'll go on and on but he's all business on the Tran. I think he's mature and more money to lead the biggest aspect in that sense learning to do things the right way and he's always been impressive. He's always he has not laterally talent raw. Tyler there's a lot of calendar he's learned to control yen. He's always been forwardly. Placed in in all of his career starts yes. I don't think he's been worse than third. And that was in his debut when he was Kinda shuffled back a little bit that day He likes to be up close to the pace. Is that what you expect from them again. Today today yeah I think just you just have the naturally high cruising speed that he doesn't need to be on the leader but he just he just naturally five he puts himself a good spot on today. Hopefully gets whoever in their cleanly and liquor is going putting needs to be post time for the Macho Macho Jomon Gulfstream four thirty eastern. It will no doubt go a little bit later than that. Probably low closer to five o'clock by the time they run it but Yeah a big big moment moment for chance. It and we'll see if he can maybe put himself on that Derby trail. Do you look at him right now. Saffy as a horse that is that is a legit Derby Derby contender or do you still have things that that you need to see from him. y'All ability I think he's one of the Best Ryozo there but it's easier. US hasn't done and he's going to have to prove each so for me. I always wanted to prove it before you could speculate but definitely derby driven at the moment. He has a tolerant. We think I think that's essentially a seems like there's no Allenton so I definitely think we're definitely Dermot dreaming but one step at a time and today they will give us a good indication of Iraq.

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