The Recording Academy is imploding the week before the Grammys

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Welcome to the frame John Horn Sexual Harassment Arabe and denial claims of corrupt practices. No it's not a new soap opera. It's what the recording academy is dealing with just a few you days before. It's big event the Grammy Awards last week. The academy put its president and CEO. Deborah Dugan on administrative leave yesterday she filed a sexual harassment and discrimination complaint against the Recording Academy for more on the latest developments. WE TURN TO GEM AS WAD senior music editor at variety jam. Cham- welcome back to the show. Thank you so if we believe everything that was in the complaint which was filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Listen on behalf of Dugan one of the most remarkable allegations in well the the allegations sorta go in two directions. They're the ones against her personally. She says she was sexually harassed by a very prominent attorney who works closely with with the academy. She said that her ideas for changes were opposed by the board and top executives at the academy. And you know speaking with sources close to the situation. I'll say she didn't really fit in and it was a challenging doing situation for now having said that the complaint alleges is that there are all kinds of kind of insider deals going on inside inside the academy it alleges that people who are connected with certain artists are voting on nominating committees and financially the doesn't allege this is actually a fact the academy which has no in-house lawyer is paying millions and millions of dollars every year to outside law firms for work worked. She deemed unnecessary and sources say and her complaint alleges that she went into a meeting gave a big presentation about changes she planned to make which included stopping or at least dramatically cutting back payments to those law firms and three weeks later she was put on administrative leave. So let's look at a couple issues here. Hear the Recording Academy says that Dugan was shown the door or put on administrative leave because of the way she treated the former assistant to port. Now what does dougans defense of that issue. Her complaint says that is untrue that is inaccurate. And if you look at the academy's claims the public claims that they've made there are a lot of explosive words. Used the upshot of what they're saying is that she was mean and you know I mean. Do you remove move your top executive ten days before the big show because she was mean to somebody you know I mean it's just it strains credulity a bit especially if that executive we're not a woman and Dugan's complaint says the allegations are true. They say that the person in question was not. I'm not up to the job that she expected her and she was trying to find another place for in the organization in the EEOC complaint Dugan makes a couple of very explosive charges. One involves a rape allegation against her predecessor. Neil port now and the other describes some inappropriate behavior of not outright sexual actual harassment by Joel Katz. Who is a top lawyer that works with the recording academy what specifically she alleging for both port now and cats the allegation against port? Now this is an actual rape allegation. Apparently a foreign. That was the word they used. Female singer Songwriter on writer. WHO's in the KADEMI member who performed at Carnegie Hall you know? He admitted there was an allegation. He said it was it investigated and he was exonerated now. Presumably he was was investigated by the Academy in terms of her own claim of sexual harassment. She says that Before she had even started just a couple of weeks after she had signed a deal to become. CEO Joe Joe Cats took her out to dinner somewhere in Laguna Beach and she alleges she put the moves on her. We're talking with riders. Jim Aswa about what is going on inside. The Recording Academy so Porno said the rape allegations are outrageous terribly hurtful and untrue. A lawyer for Joel Katz said he categorically denies the sexual assault or harassment allegations. What does the Academy said? The academy has not responded and as of right now typically to the allegations. When it came out yesterday I went to them? Asked for a comment immediately. It took about an hour and all they did was basically regurgitate the accusations they had made about Dugan the day before and over the preceding couple of days they have happening addressed the other allegations and they may not. I mean that's the last question there are allegations and Dugan's EEOC complaint about how white and male leadership leadership and voting is inside the academy. But something that really caught my eye. I'm GonNa read a paragraph from the complaint is this. The board uses these committees. These are nominating committee for the grammys as an opportunity to push forward artists with whom they have relationships indeed it is not unusual for artists who have relationships with board remembers and who ranked at the bottom of the initial twenty artists to end up receiving nominations. So what that is suggesting is that the grammy nominating automating process itself is suspect that to me is the thing that should most concern the public. A lot of the rest of this stuff is inside baseball and and you no very legitimate complaints but you know that depends on how much you care about the makeup of the recording academy the fact that the nominations are skewed is something that has been suspected for a while because every year there are these kind of mysterious nominations that appear in certain categories. And you know those of us who watch is this. You know we've heard of most of these artists you know every year you'll just be like who would that and you know we might find out that a producer and engineer is on the nominating committee. The median Oh hey look there asong that album that they produced or engineered there. It is an old look also on the committee is someone who works at that label So Oh you know that sounds horrible. It doesn't necessarily have to be because the other side of it is the fact that the people who are good enough to get on the nominating committees prominent enough to be working with a lot of these artists. However I'm not saying that's the case all the time gem as Wad is senior music editor at variety gem? Thanks so much for coming on the show

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