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Three FBS programs currently own four consecutive conference titles one Clemson and the ACC to Oklahoma out of the big twelve three is okay apps state you got it as a son about what does that say about the evolution of his mountaineers football program you know it it tells you a lot about the shape they were left in by Scott Satterfield in the you know when drink which took over as the the the main man there and I think you just look at the talent they have accumulated during ten Evans of running backs that Thomas a quarterback in the tradition the their defense is playing great all the time I really like the way that program is three sooner suspended for the college football semi final against L. as you were talking about the fence van Ronnie Perkins running back mark remonstrate Stevenson and wide receiver Trajan bridges these are significant players impact on Oklahoma team that was already an underdog going into this game well Stevenson had a large yards per carry but really their top back down the structures can be broke so I think to be okay at running back I'm concerned about Perkins known because if you look at Oklahoma's defense their strength this year has been getting to the quarterback thirty five sacks among the nation's leaders in TF bells and Perkins right on the at the top of their sack leader so taking him on the line ups gonna hurt and you're going to have to put pressure on Joe Berle because Oklahoma secondary is not a bunch of NFL draft expect their their third good but they're not great quarterbacks can't give brought a lot of time so they're gonna have to generate something speaking of getting after the quarterbacks are chase young is caught on camera when asked about returning to Ohio state saying that's the plan much was made of that response considering that what he's done this year sixteen and I have stacks can you see a scenario where he does not turn pro I'm gonna go ninety nine point nine percent chance no way this guy's coming out probably going to be the first pick in the draft the only thing he could do by coming back is cross themselves some money because right now he's as hard as they could be no he's definitely going pro you think you'll be the first pick in there you think you'd be picked over a quarterback not a quarterback says yesterday you probably draft a quarterback but he's probably the most talented guy had then do it at the most sure thing at the number at the number one spot so he'll go number two and get a lot of money all right the next group of talent to the college football ranks top recruiting classes in E. S. P. N. a ranking those classes of course the powers like Clemson Alabama our house they know less you right there as the top for you got a team like Texas a and M. that's in the top ten Texas rounds out the top ten but how did the mid tier non power five schools even some of them in the power five conferences that are on the tat back into those conferences how did they compete if the rich continue to get richer with those talented classes well the main thing they have to do is develop the players and win games because the kids don't realize the past ten years ago they realize what's going on now and if you can get your team up there and that can win level every year ten eleven wins then I think they'll take notice and you can get my keep in mind you can only sign twenty five players every year there's a lot of talent out there so you might not get the five stars in the four stars but not every five star four star turns out to be a star and not every two star and three star doesn't I mean we see a lot of superstars there so the main thing is developing the kids and winning games good point he's ESPN college football insider Phil Steele Hey Phil bowl season is under way I'm sure you're excited we look forward to talking to you throughout sounds great Jim and livid Jerry holiday and looking forward to a lot of football this week hi Phil merry Christmas take a self thanks all right so we mentioned Perkins Stevenson bridges out for Oklahoma another sooner sidelined as well that safety delay Aaron and Turner yell broken collar bone he will not play as well on that chick fillet peach bowl December twenty eighth against top ranked LSU the game in Atlanta easy trip for fans from that ruse leading Greg McElroy to this take regarding that by you Bengal

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