Carlos Beltran Out as Mets Manager After Astros' Cheating Scandal


We got the news about one o'clock today that yet. Another person untied to the Houston Astros. Cheating scandal has lost his job. Carlos Beltran recently hired by the mets to be there next managers out of his job before even having having a meeting in spring training. That's because he was named in. The Commissioner's report released the other day for his role in the Astros signed stealing scandal of two thousand seventeen eighteen Beltran and the mets both indicated. Today that this was a mutual decision but I suspect that a week or two weeks ago even those with knowledge of the science dealing details from two thousand in seventeen believed that Houston. GM Jeff Luneau Astros Manager Aj. Hinch Red Sox manager Alex Cora now Carlos Beltran would still have have their jobs and they're all out and that's where we are probably Vera covers baseball for ESPN. She knows. Carlos Beltran now score very well Marley. How you doing? It's been a crazy week. I think crazy is a very good adjective buster special like no that totally can managers. Were highly touted. I don't have a job today. Unbelievable let's let's start with Carlos Beltran. That is the the most recent news. I'm going to also ask you about Alex. Corsie is we go forward but but I about Carlos. I thought that when the mets didn't put out a statement immediately on Monday evening after the Commissioner's report came out out the fact that the mets didn't come out right away and have a statement from Jeff Wilpon from Brody Bandwagon. And saying this is our guy. Carlos Beltran is our manager edger. And that's what we're going to do moving forward because what was in the report involved the Houston Astros in two thousand seventeen. The commissioners made it clear that Carlos this is not going to be disciplined for his role in that because he's the player at that time but the fact that they didn't put out that statement on Monday and then dragged out into Tuesday day and then Wednesday. You could see that the mets they were weighing their options and just as someone who covered the mets back in one thousand nine hundred seven having worked in New York market for a long. I've never seen an organization that is more affected by public opinion than the mets. And I thought Yep that he at some point. They're going to let him go. What what did you think absolutely couldn't agree more with what you said? And not only that the fact that you know one of the reasons why they hired Beltran was because it was excellent in publicity. Ns S you. And I know spending so much time covering baseball in New York. The mets have failed many times on the PR department. And this would hiring hiring Carlos Beltran. They bought themselves all this goodwill right the return of the prodigal son with everything that had happened when he had left the comments of the Wilpon when he used to be a you know. Oh a mets player. Everything gets kind of water under the bridge. There's just you know one of the most impressive press conferences that I have attended you know at city field so it was just as big. Pr Moment and then all of a sudden I agree with you. They got swayed by public opinion. And one of the things that Carlos Beltran and as you mentioned before which is important you state. The aren't family our friends of mine. So my activity here Sometimes can be a little bit swayed but the point is that can handle the media. He's been you know he was a player for twenty a years worked on a capacity assistant with the Yankees and so on and I feel that this was in my opinion. Definitely a wilpon decision muster. Oh No no question. The way this was described I think Carlos but at a statement they talked about a mutual decision. No way like this like Carlos I think absolutely was set on going forward but they say as all the conversation was taking place in New York to columnists were were taking aim at this and they are asking questions. Well what. What did the mets ask Carlos about? After the first athletic story came out about the signed stealing. And how would the mets feel about Carlos not having credibility with the media and it became a real hot topic on talk radio here and one stat ball started rolling downhill and then Aj hinch losses job and Jeff Luna lost his job and Alex. Cora lost his job. There was no way the mets leadership was going to stand in the way of that momentum and stand up and say in the past it was in the past which by the way is what Brody van wagon and said back in November. He kind of indicated like well. That's not really a mets problem. That's an astros throws problem. But their their their words their tone definitely changes week the only aspect that I can you know Ah have gone in this process. One of the things were Carlos may have had some input. Devil's advocate here. Is that one of the things that Carlos Beltran they'll turn and and you and I have covered a great deal of is the fact that he does not like off. The field distractions buster. And I think at that is the part or they'll go. You know what this is the right decision. He is one of those guys that likes to talk baseball. I remember what it was like the whole scandal with Iran in the Yankees Yankees Carlos Beltran was part of the Yankees Organization at the time as a player and he refused to engage in sort of those conversations so there is an aspect of how much he doesn't like the distraction and then that part certainly you know he could have had any input on but I I agree with you. This isn't you know the mets founded selves in an island. Having to make a decision and they got swayed by Jim Crane did and obviously you know what the Boston Red Sox decided to do. After the imposition of a penalty suspension to Alex Score. So let's breakdown go by the way. Yeah exactly breakout some other elements of this What do you think the mets miss out on? Not Having Carlos Beltran altron their manager. Carlos Beltran is an excellent leader. And I think that's one of those things that has been a little bit missing the New York Mets Organization. He drives arrives you. He's one of those guys that inspires others other players and he also galvanizes clubhouses right. He he was the player for the day when he was with the Yankees. Hanky along with Andrew Miller he always has always been so well spoken and he crosses that kind of you know barrier quote Unquote Latino players. And you know the players that are not Latino and I felt that he could galvanize that clubhouse very very well and I think that's the number one thing that the mets are going to miss out on and this is a man who obviously has left the game for a long time doesn't need the money this isn't right and it was honestly doing this job because he truly wanted to make an impact in organization that really has lost their way a little bit in the last couple of years so I think it's a huge loss. So they mess. We're GONNA do not have Carlos Beltran but I do understand the decision. In terms of the whole quote in quote distractions off the field now. I'm not as close to him as you are if I was I think and he asked me my advice in this situation. Now that he's lost the job of the mets would. I think I would tell them was Carlos you need to hold a press conference in New York have rent out a room at a hotel or restaurant invite all the reporters to come and basically say I'm here to answer all your questions about what went on with Houston with me back in two thousand seventeen eighteen. Because I think that's the only way he's going to be able to manage at some point down the road and all I heard for the last decade is this is someone who absolutely terrific manager in the future future. He has to be great at this job but I think that would allow him to and let's face he's never going to move past this. It's already cost him his job but at least to get past those questions would be to tell the writers. I'm here to answer every question you people have about what take place and I'll tell you exactly really what happened. What do you think about that? I don't know that I mean I. I would love for that to happen. Let's be very clear. I don't know that the benefit for for Carlos it's worth it If if one of the drugs and he said this in an introductory press conference specifically said I didn't want any job I don't need need a job. I wanted to stay in New York. Carl has very very young children. They're all right like very yes. Three kids are all very young during school in your this is where they reside the kids go to school will. So there's only two baseball jobs that he would apply for the New York Yankees and the New York mets and he's not gonna get either one of those jobs so I just don't think that at this point point it benefits the family anyway and I do think that Carlos will do what's best for his family especially having young children Buster and I know you know that you had young children at one time. It's the point that these kids have to see the paper tomorrow. They're going to be in school. They're old enough. You know and I feel like it would rehash a lot of topics. Is that right now. Maybe people are going to move on you know and and just gone from that now if he later on when the kids are a little bit older he wants to do something else. Maybe at that point but but at this point I just don't see the benefit.

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