Browns fire head coach Kitchens after 6-10 season


According to people familiar with the endeavor the Cleveland Browns the first to drop the ax after the regular football season concluded yesterday firing head coach Freddie kitchens following a loss to Cincinnati thirty three twenty three boxes Metropolitano reports other NFL coaches might see a pink slip today a couple that bill teams already parted ways their head coach this season for the Washington Redskins the Carolina Panthers are not anticipated to hang on in our head coach bill Callahan Perry fuel respectively several coaches enter today on the hot seat in the NFL after this your shortcomings Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Doug Marrone endanger the jags recently firing executive VP of football operations Tom Coughlin possibly facing the axe this afternoon Pat Shurmur of the New York Giants Dan Quinn of the Atlanta Falcons Matt Patricia of the Detroit Lions they were already spared their fate they're returning for twenty twenty man about town on fox news N. for Marcia prevents Nick from Daily News developers of that propose solar farm on the seventy two acre win over farm have amended their plan to make the solar array smaller fifteen acres instead the the original proposal for thirty five acres the original plan would have required many large and very old trees to be felled the stork farmhouse and barn will still have to be removed because there can't be too uses on a parcel in this case commercial and residential at the latest hearing before the planning board representatives of the solar development company said old stone walls will not be touched

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