Best of Not My Job - burst 36


To watch. TV in the nineteen. I think I don't think I've ever seen a complete applete episode. That's great because that's the hard principal. You're not supposed to know anything. Knowledge Hoping you guys would mess this part. Yeah we're going to ask you three questions about that. I Khan and the flood pants and suspenders. If you get to write you want our price will never listeners. The Voice of their choice in their answering machine. Bill Steve Earle playing for Brian. Heinz of pleasant view Tennessee. Alright cool. Here's the first question now. The popularity of the character Steve Urkel was great for the actor and the TV show but bad. For whom a the actual Steve for whom the character was named who spent a decade during jokes and disappointment that he didn't talk funny. Be The belt industry as Urkel suspenders. Because they forty percent decrease in sales where see speech therapists would deal with people trying to talk like Urkel. Oh let's say.

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