Pilot Review: Latest Netflix Series, 'The Witcher'

Double Toasted


And. I think when I did a show way back where it's like. Why the witcher what you could possibly be? The next game of thrones and one of the things I said that would help sell. It is all the sexual stuff nudity and things bear there is you. You see you see a Dick in there. There is a naked man. I think at one point but for the most part it's female nudity and the problem is it's not even I I'll say at least for game of thrones was it made sense to why there is showing so much nudity in the very beginning where it's like okay. We're at a whorehouse. This is where this particular character operates as world is wheeling and dealing goes down like all these dark deeds happened like selling information using his his prostitutes in the world it felt natural in. It's exactly it's established in the world or it's establishing how certain characters are revealed when someone has sex like their personality and things. That's what I think. The original like I guess runs do for the most part for the most part this one. This is a really doesn't do that does show. And you needed for the sake nudity. Hey this is old lecherous wizard who created grand illusion. He's eases all his women and Amen. Amen everybody yeah exactly equal. Except there's this one guy. He's the he's the token order. I guess in the in the in the show and so and so it's not really a really leading to anything in terms of that. Set something up for for the most part in terms of the two storylines going on right now. You have Gerald story where he's just to feed this monster he's going the town he gets typically happens like when you go to a new town the video game he gets Condo side quests. They're like hey we can really use your help taken down this one guys. I don't WanNa do that. That's why am I hunt. Monsters and people are going to put. This guy is a monster on the very very on the nose. It's actually you know a giant spider like bitch. Can you take your that noman. He's human human human human but sometimes humans are even worse than monsters as the series emphasize which is a part of the book and also part the game. I thought that was I think. Just the issue I had with his particular storyline WanNa touch and another one is that I'll say this. I have talked a lot of shit about Henry Cavill for years. I'm not a fan of him. I don't think he's been a particularly good superman. I did not like him in mission possible. I thought he was very would net. I the sixty spy film man from uncle. I didn't care all that much to calm down there. You like them all. I know a lot of people that do like the movie. I just I distantly like it. Looks fantastic right having. Maybe I'll be a debate for another time but I'm not a big Cam. I will say this though. He does nail the the physicality girled but also the cadence the way he he talks like he does a very good impression particularly of how the character sounds and video games. Okay and that was Kinda Guy was one of my big concerns. Initially it's like okay. We now have an idea of what girl sounds like very gravelly voice but very dry to use a dry sense of humor and Kabul does good job capturing that like he is not the weakest thing about this episode so far I honestly I think for the most part he gives a solid performance. What's holding him back though is the way he looks? I think it's the kind of remarks it's party city. Wig and those contact lens in by the way contact lenses lobby will wear them in the show and they're not the best it takes you out of the scene when they don't look that was sometimes in the in the trails like like okay like that doesn't look too bad but I remember there's one imagery I think he's just sitting and he's has his hair down and I'm like that looked so fake. There's like the original image of promoting the show where it's like when you just him walking out and taking a Swig of one his magical potions and that doesn't look. It doesn't look as bad as that one did because critically that was like a screen test but it doesn't look great. There is one one moment in the show. Where because most of this film with like a blue or gray filter something because everything's great except for this one sequence in the show and where I almost feel like they? CG over the contact lens to make him feel like they look more natural. And I was like okay I could buy. This is natural eye color. I felt like maybe the siege on that kind of work again. I don't know if they did use that. But whatever reason I think just because the room itself was well lit that it looked better. I think when you when you when you have him. His eyes are so bright eight sending a gray tones already in the show. Exactly it's shines out even more a lot of sense it does. It took me on but for the most part. I think he does a solid job in this initial the first episode. It's just impressions. I haven't seen I think this is eight episodes series so far. I haven't seen the seven so maybe that gets better but again this is kind of like a slice of life type of thing and where he is in like a fairly. I'm like five minutes at long. Not Counting the spider mounts which reflects the beginning. He's fine I'm just you know. The rabble rousers idiot bandits and villagers who were threatening. You probably shouldn't do that. He's not gonNA work out to mess with. Yeah he's he's two feet taller then everyone in this town. He's everyone's male nurse doesn't smile and has a scar on his face. Don't fuck with the dude. Probably not a good idea to fuck with them and the thing is like okay. Now we're going to get into like some sort play and it does thing which really bothers me. where it's like? We're game of thrones didn't really do this at all and I had to compare it to it but it's hard not to because again the most the biggest fancier that we've had for some time. Yeah I felt handled. Many will combat really well. This does the whole kind of slowing it down and kind of showing you. Well how he's hitting the people and everything. Okay you're trying to establish his combat style. It's like I can go with that. Just don't do it too much. The big sticking point that that sticks sticks in my craw is a you. CGI Blood and when they use CGI blood it immediately takes me out of it. It's an aesthetic thing. I mean you want to save money and you know they have so many for this. But there's not game of thrones budget that I can tell you right now there's a lot of CGI and some of the great the maybe his eyes look good but for for the for that one particular sequence it just didn't work and then they switched from the C. J. Blood back to real blood using squibb's and things it's like okay. You can't have both because then they steadily years the other it doesn't make it doesn't make a clean. No but I mean 'cause I'm actually kind of with you. I am much more when it comes to Berlin and whatnot. I much more on the right side of practical effects absolutely age better but I think that maybe it's one of these scenarios where they're kind of gauging versus and goes to give it that good up that money count because I if maybe if I haven't seen season. One game of thrones in a minute but maybe if we go back and might be more noticeable. There I'm yeah I you you could be right you know. It's it's been kind of twenty twenty two thousand ten twenty eleven so it's been it's been a while and they could have probably maybe. Did you see blood. I don't remember I just remember just a lot of just just Gore won't accept is I don I. Maybe it's just because it's the first episode but I am really not a fan of slow motion. Yeah down action comment Maybe to exemplify certain things. Like if you're like maybe it's like hey like we're enhancing one moment this entire entire long seat like long season. It's one time of slow but if it's an entire fight scene of that it really just throws me off because it's not natural to me. Yeah no I completely agree with you again. And I don't know if it continues on that way because there is like a whole `nother there's a battle sequence in this which is the other part of the episode which does not feature girled where they don't have that and so I'm thinking okay. So maybe they're just trying to establish like how he so good like almost systematic with how he battles and it's just like it's almost like a dance for him. It's maybe they just want to slow it down for people to see that where he's not like just these ordinary guys coming over with like fucking cleavers in clubs and say okay establishing. This guy's talented swordsman fair enough. And so maybe they won't do it But yeah for his part of the episode. I Like I like Henry Cavill you. Could you could clip that guys. I like Henry Cavill. So far is guilt of review. I've never every seen some. You say something that hurts so much I know I know you know. Ah He does he does. Oh y'all get involved. But he does a good enough job and I am looking forward to seeing how historic progresses through the series. I felt that stuff that it wasn't serving him. Well enough okay. was he the focal point of the episode. He was half the focal point. Okay the other point of the episode was dealing with the character character of Siri and her grandmother's kingdom which is being attacked by the Guardian The Guardian Empire. The bad guys the blackhawks. That's if you will. Who are coming there? Conquering most of the continent and this episode attempts to get into kind of the political situation of of what's going on in this world. The problem is that you're interacting with we. We don't really know too much about yet and again kind kind of tour to my point earlier. There's some aesthetic things that are just very very distracting and one of the things that I don't I don't mean to be cruel but they have the actress to play Sierra. I don't know her name or that is not after natural. I color. And she's also wearing contact lenses and so when she's having these emotional scenes are in these scenes.

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